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This is the true story … of four family members … who chose to move to the south … live together and have their lives blogged … to find out what happens … when people stop being polite … and start having babies … The Real World: Wilmington.

The Birthday Boy! October 23, 2011

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Our baby boy turned one on October 12th! It’s hard for me to process and think totally clearly about this past year and all that it has entailed but I know that despite the trials we’ve faced, Miles has brought an abundance of joy into our home. He is a happy, fun, sweet and loving boy, and I just can’t get enough of him!

At 12 months:

  • he has 3 teeth (2 bottom, 1 top)
  • he cruises and walks with his walking toy
  • he has stood on his own for about 10 seconds
  • he is very vocal, but doesn’t form words other than mama, dada and bye
  • he is a good sleeper
  • he prefers to eat all finger foods
  • he’s doing a great job switching from formula to milk, but isn’t too excited about giving up his bottles
  • he’s wearing clothes that are true to size, I’d guess he weighs around 25 pounds
  • he likes being around people
  • he smiles a lot

We took him to the aquarium to celebrate his special day.

He got lots of fun presents which big sis was more than happy to help open.


He LOVED being sung to and finally getting to dive right in to his cake.

My hope for Miles is that life continues to bring out that precious smile as much as we’ve seen it over this first year and that as he grows he is able to recognize all the wonderful traits in himself that make us such proud and beaming parents. We love you Miles and are beyond thankful that you are our son.


Eleven Months October 7, 2011

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Our Miles celebrated his 11 month birthday on September 12th while we were up in Virginia. Here’s some info about the big guy:

  • He waves and says ‘bye’, I can’t get enough of it!
  • He pretends to talk on the phone and brush his non existent hair.
  • He loves finger foods and has also been having some whole milk successfully!
  • He weighs 24 pounds.
  • He now crawls a lot on all fours instead of his belly.
  • He climbs stairs.
  • He loves peekaboo and being chased.
  • Some nicknames: baby dragon and biggie
  • One of his top front teeth is coming in.
  • He had his 1st ear infection :(.
  • He gives awesome snuggles before bed.




Strawberry Soiree

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Elly had a strawberry themed birthday party this year. I got the invites and lots of printables for the party from Dimpleprints on Etsy. I highly recommend their stuff, it’s adorable, afforable and the gal is great to work with! As usual I was pretty gung ho about the party. Now that I’m not teaching it feels great to have a place to pour some creative energy. We’ll see how long my kids let me do all this for them. Jamie is hoping not for long since he becomes ‘day of party last minute errand assistant’. A job he really dislikes. This year one of his tasks was to go to an ice cream shop to ask for 12 little spoons. I really wanted those spoons so he did it…twice. The first time he accidentally threw them away. Now if that isn’t love I don’t know what is.

Some party details and fun in pictures:

I especially loved this year’s party because Elly got to celebrate with her little friends. It was sweet seeing how happy they all were and it made me realize I do miss the part of teaching where you spend time planning activities and lessons then get to see the kids really enjoying the hands on fun.

Feel free to leave theme suggestions for Elly’s next party, but please don’t be offended when I choose a different theme, I admittedly have control issues ;o).


The Big Three!

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Our girl turned three on August 12th. The “terrible twos” were actually pretty great! We’ll see how the threes go, I’ve been warned they can be worse than the twos, but so far so good, although she seems to be testing limits more lately.

Some two year old highlights:

  • Becoming a big sis
  • Being a flower girl/gaining an Aunt
  • First dance recital
  • Going under water in the pool
  • Potty training
  • Starting school
  • First roasted marshmallow
  • First haircut

A couple two-year-old quotes:

  • A toot is a burp from your tush
  • Miles drinks California (referring to formula while Daddy was on a business trip in CA)
  • We need a trainer for Miles and Otis.

Some of her favorite things:

  • colors: red, blue
  • food: pizza, hot dogs, anything sweet
  • activities: swings, art projects, reading, singing/dancing
  • characters: Cinderella, Dora

On her actual birthday Elly woke up to lots of presents including a new red tricycle. I took Elly to a paint your own pottery studio and Jamie took her to a carousel in place of the water park due to rain. Elly was thrilled with the mall carousel. Ah, to be three. We had some family over along with Dora party supplies to help celebrate some more that evening. I had baked a cake the night before but when I went to asseble it, it broke beyond repair! So this Mama, who is trying to let go of some control issues, went to Harris Teeter for a cake instead of baking another one. Such a good move.

Like everyone says, it’s crazy how time flies. I couldn’t be happier with the good natured daughter I have been so blessed to have. I look forward to teaching and learning from her three-year-old self over the next year.