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Outer Banks 2010 June 30, 2010

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We enjoyed a week-long vacation in the Outer Banks, that’s right a WHOLE week! Jamie and I haven’t taken a vacation that long since our honeymoon almost five years ago. (*Side note to my love, our anniversary is swiftly approaching*). This was also our first real family vacation, we’re so grown up.

Our house was beach front which is especially ideal when toddlers are involved (and a quickly expanding pregnant lady for that matter) since they can decide on a whim that they’d like a particular item that can only be found inside or if they hit a point of fussiness that only a nap can cure.

We had a wonderful time playing and lounging on the beach. I had forgotten how much I love the beach in the early evening, just thinking about it makes me feel a little more relaxed. Only the promise of food could get me to come inside at that time of day. We were lucky because a little pool formed each evening on the beach and it was the perfect depth for Elly.

The one hitch we had during the week was Elly coming down with hand foot and mouth disease, sounds pleasant, right? The worst part was that she had sores in her mouth which made eating painful.  The bright side was that she got to enjoy lots of popsicles, even one in bed in the middle of the night. She also helped Jamie and I by reminding us what newborns are like when she was up crying every few hours in the night. We felt so bad for her! Luckily she’s back to her old self now.

Elly has come to expect us to dig what she calls ‘Elly pools’ for her each time we go to the beach. Jamie became somewhat of an expert on making these by the end of the week. Otis also enjoyed Elly’s pools as well as swimming in the ocean and playing fetch on the beach. As long as he was under ‘voice control’ he didn’t need to be on a leash. Otis will be under anyone’s control as long as they have a tennis ball so we were all set.

The drive to and from the Outer Banks was actually kind of nice despite the distance. We passed a lot of water and farmland and even stopped at a little farm on our way home where Elly got to feed a mule and the old farmer, dip in mouth, informed us that we, along with military folk, were his favorite type of people. When Jamie asked if he had any drinks for sale he said he had gatorade but he wouldn’t sell it to him, it was free, he insisted.

I grew up going to the Outer Banks each summer with my family which created some of my most favorite childhood memories. We’d get a souvenir t-shirt every year that I always treasured. Jamie said seeing Elly in her souvenir Outer Banks t-shirt has officially made him feel like an adult. We’ll see how he feels being there next summer as a father of TWO. I know Elly won’t be able to remember this trip, but I hope to make trips to the Outer Banks a family tradition that she enjoys as much as I did as a little girl. I think out first one was a huge success!

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Father’s Day June 29, 2010

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We celebrated Father’s Day in the Outer Banks while we were on vacation. Jamie got to do some of his favorite things; pick crabs, hang at the beach, and surf.

I feel so happy that Elly has Jamie for a Dad. She is one lucky little lady to have someone as fun, patient, loving, and dedicated as he is. She grew even more attached to him last week while we were on vacation. This week she squeals with joy when she sees him and runs up and gives him hugs and love every chance she gets.

Thanks for being a wonderful husband and father Jamie, we love you to the moon and back.


Pregnancy Update June 8, 2010

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     We are a little more than halfway through this pregnancy at 21 weeks, hurrah! Apparently baby boy is the length of a carrot and weighs 3/4 of a pound. After hearing his heartbeat again this week at the doctor Elly now thinks he’s playing drums in there. When I asked her later in the day what baby was doing, in addition to saying drums she said dancing. He is very active, just like Elly was, so maybe that is what he’s up to, that and tugging on the cord demanding more french fries!

     For the most part I feel pretty good lately which I am trying to enjoy. My belly is getting bigger, Elly unfortunately loves to poke and point at my protruding belly button, and my current weight is, yeah right, like I’d reveal that fun fact. I took advantage of Memorial Day sales and ordered a couple outfits for baby boy and some decor for his nursery. It’s nice this time around feeling like I have a better idea of the things I will need to have on hand and it’s also fun to have an excuse to do some shopping!


Memorial Day Weekend June 2, 2010

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Thank you to all those who have served, are serving or have given their lives for our country. I am in awe of the amount of self-sacrifice that goes into being part of our military and appreciate all that you do.

We took advantage of Papa’s pool since the beach would have been too crowded for us on Sunday. Elly had fun swimming and being thrown in the air by Jamie.

Jamie and I decided to put Elly down for her nap over there so we could have a little time to relax poolside. We brought the pack and play but forgot the other items that Elly counts on to happily fall asleep; teddy, dog and the all-star of the group, passie. We frantically searched the car for a stray passie, no luck. Then searched Papa’s house and found one! Three very soapy, very hot water, washes later, I let Elly use it. Elly wasn’t too happy about napping someplace new but eventually she fell asleep and I was able to read a book by the pool, aaaaaahhhh.   

On Monday we braved the beach hoping that people would have headed home by then. It was more crowded than usual but we lucked out with parking and had a great day. Elly stayed very busy filling up a hole Jamie dug with water and playing in the sand.

We finished the weekend with a cookout where Elly enjoyed some watermelon, as you can see she doesn’t waste one bit of it!