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This is the true story … of four family members … who chose to move to the south … live together and have their lives blogged … to find out what happens … when people stop being polite … and start having babies … The Real World: Wilmington.

Fall Means JMU Football September 30, 2009

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We went back to the ‘Burg with some good friends to see a football game.

resize gang 1


 Like OHS, much has changed since our days at JMU.

  • Fans are SUPER into the game because the team is good.
  • Everyone looks to be about 16.
  • Dave’s Taverna now delivers beer.
  • There is a whole other JMU campus on the other side of the bridge.
  • The book store is huge and has every purple and gold JMU item you can imagine.

Other things are just the same though.

  • The food at Dave’s is still delish.
  • College kids still enjoy some binge drinking.
  • The quad is still gorgeous and fun to chill on. 
  • The landscaping on campus is still A+ worthy.
  • Hillside is still where the coolest people live freshman year.

Elly seemed to have fun at the game but was terrified of the Duke Dog mascot. I think we are in for it when it comes time for pictures with Santa this year. Even though she didn’t like the mascot, she did like the actual bulldog that they had on the sidelines.

resize duke

resize duke dog 

Instead of popcorn while watching the game, she happily munched on some peas. She’s a health food nut.

resize peas

She was getting sleepy towards the end of the game so she got in some cuddles with Uncle Luke and Auntie Kelly.

Fans throw streamers for JMU touchdowns

Fans throw streamers for JMU touchdowns


resize uncle luke

The next morning Jamie, Elly, and I went to a very crowded Mr. J’s Bagels for breakfast. I was feeding Elly some food while Jamie was in line. As I sat with Elly looking around and listening to all of the college kids, I had a strong urge to tell each of them to savor and appreciate college life because there won’t be another time like it again. So that’s what I did. I stood on a chair and made a speech and everyone applauded and vowed to live in the moment and appreciate all that they had forever and ever amen.

I’m not saying that I haven’t enjoyed life since college. I’ve had wonderful experiences since then and I love the place I’m at now, I’m just saying that college life is so very different than any other phase. Even though you have responsibilities it really is a pretty carefree existence. Like many things in life, it’s hard to fully appreciate and understand what you have until it’s gone. I try to live in the moment as much as I can especially since having Elly because I see how quickly she changes. Hopefully one day I will look back on this time and know that I appreciated it to the fullest.


Fall Means OHS Football September 26, 2009

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Blast from the past: a trip to an OHS football game.

Before heading to Friday Night Lights at OHS we had a dinner consisting of decadent chili cheese dogs and cheese fries at the Vienna Inn. Don’t worry, I managed not to stand down wind from Jamie post meal. I want Elly to grow up with a Mother after all.  I didn’t let Elly sample those foods yet, that would be child abuse. She happily ate her healthy meal while the rest of us developed IBS.

resize ohs

Being back in high school was surreal. Ah, the memories of Boones Farm-masked insecurities. Some changes since ’96:

  • The home team switched sides.
  • The fans are SUPER into the game.
  • The team is good.
  • Everyone looks to be about 12 which is weird because we looked so mature at that age.
The O-Zone

The O-Zone

Elly’s favorite part of the game was the halftime show naturally, especially the dance team. (Sorry the video is sideways, I don’t know how to change that, if you do, I’d love to know.)

Jamie asked one of the adults working a merchandise table if they sold any baby gear. The woman working was highly offended that he was encouraging teen pregnancy. Um, ok.

It was a night of some good clean fun, my favorite type.


Take Me to the River September 23, 2009

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 Soon after arriving at the river I told Jamie that I used to be an outdoor girl because I grew up loving fishing, camping, and following creeks as far as I could walk.  I was now questioning the outdoor girl in me as a zillion bugs swarmed around my head while I cautiously took each step in the long grass by the river fearing a snake popping out at any moment.  Also my 1st 2 attempts at fishing resulted in 2 very stuck hooks, one of which was in a tree (!?).

Luke caught a fish!

Luke caught a fish!

As I warmed up to my surroundings my outdoor girl roots took over. I carved a stick for roasting marshmallows, I walked out in the river on slippery rocks, and I showed Elly my fishing skills, this time not getting hooks stuck anyplace. Not even in the mouth of a fish, but it was still fun to cast and reel. I am confident that if it had been the right time of day I would have caught tons of fish. I’m sure they would have been huge and record setting as well.

resize fishing

I’m not in a rush for Elly to get bigger, but it will be fun to show her how to fish, hike, and roast marshmallows one day. I wonder if she will be an outdoor girl or an indoor girl, or maybe a little of both like her Mama.


(SO glad I had not seen the John Deere episode of Mad Men yet. If you watch the show, you know what I’m talking about.)

Jamie Riding Bitch
Jamie Riding Bitch

Thank you to our great friends for having us at your home. We only wish we could have stayed longer!


Heaven on Earth for Dogs September 16, 2009

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resize otiWe took Otis to his favorite dog park in VA recently. He loved it! Hopefully the trip helped to burn off some calories since the vet recently told me he could stand to lose 5-7 lbs. Our secret is out, we haven’t been getting him enough exercise. He about passed out when my in laws took him for a walk the other day. Not a run, a WALK. Oh Otie. It probably doesn’t help that he eats all the food Elly leaves behind in her chair after her meals. We love you Otis and vow to get you out more.

resize dp


1st Redskins Game September 14, 2009

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Even though the whole run and pass and score thing didn’t work out so great for the Skins 1st game, I’d like to point out a few positive points from opening day.

1. Hunter the punter is awesome at trick plays. Only the Skins are smart enough to use the hidden talents of their punter.

2. Elly looked so stinkin’ cute in her Redskins cheerleading outfit, which I think more than makes up for the little mishap my favorite Randle El had.

3. Game food is good. Maybe I enjoyed a little too much of it though since afterwards Grandma asked if I’d put on weight       recently(?!).

4. I let Jamie live after his cheering/yelling/cursing woke Elly from her nap.

5. The boys were just getting warmed up this week. From here on out, it’s smooth sailing to the Super Bowl!

resize skins

It’s really a shame that Elly’s cheeks haven’t filled out yet.


Carrot Cake Chronicles

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Jamie requested carrot cake for his birthday. So I decided to make my very first one.

I planned to get ingredients at the store and bake it during Elly’s nap the day before Jamie’s birthday, but Elly had other plans for me.  Instead of napping she stood up in her crib crying until I came in to see her. Several times I pointed out her passie, then left the room. No luck. So, I picked her up (don’t judge, Babywise followers), rocked her until she was calm then put her back down. Worked for about 12 minutes. Next move, lay on the floor of her nursery. Her reaction; throw her 2 passies, Baby, and Luna down to me. Maybe she was trying to help ME nap.  My final move; give her the passie and walk out. Her reaction, uncontrollable crying with snot EVERYWHERE.


Jamie heard the commotion and like a knight in shining armor came upstairs to rescue me. He rocked her until she was calm then put her back down. It worked. I asked Jamie what his secret was, he said it was simple, he just bored her to tears. Have I mentioned how great it is to have your husband working from home? I’m glad we didn’t leave him locked in the office on this particular day.


I was able to get the layers baked that night. I only had to start over once due to burnt cakes. Nothing at all annoying about peeling and shredding even more carrots.

resize bday

The next day was Jamie’s birthday! We went to brunch at one of our favorite places. Came home to foil shredded on the kitchen floor, Otis!  We no longer get greeted by an enthusiastic dog running to the door. See, he can’t remember from day to day whether or not he was bad while we were out, so he acts guilty each time we come home. It’s a good thing dogs don’t really play poker, Otis would be horrible at it!  As soon as we walk in he bows his head, tail between his legs, whites of his eyes showing as he pathetically looks up at us. You’d think we beat the dog by his reaction to us coming home. He’s so pathetic I usually don’t have the heart to even scold him. Instead he ends up getting a belly rub for ruining one of the cakes. Yes, he ruined one of the layers. Lucky for him, there were to be 3 layers, or else he might have just gotten his ears scratched.  I was able to make due with a 2 layer cake.


Despite the hurdles, the cake turned out to be pretty tasty. It was all worth it to see the birthday boy enjoy his treat!

resize cake

(Hopefully Jamie doesn’t mind that the whole entire blogosphere, aka my 15 Google Reader subscribers, now know his age.)


Day at the Beach September 2, 2009

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Ho hum, another beautiful day at the beach. Jokes! We know how lucky we are to be able to spend so much time there. Extra lucky because Elly is very entertained by sand, surf, and seagulls.

Although today Jamie almost didn’t want to go due to the effort that goes into packing up and getting to the beach when there’s a wee one involved. His least favorite job; putting sunscreen on Elly.

When we arrive, I strap Elly into the Baby Bjorn (only 2 more pounds of use to go) and Jamie and I procede to the beach with all our stuff. On the walk down I notice something wet on Elly’s leg which is also getting on me. Realize it’s pee. WTF swim diapers!? Really though what should I expect? After all, these are diapers that don’t expand when wet, so maybe it’s because no liquid is absorbed, including the pee variety of liquid. Ah-ha moment, Oprah would be proud.

Elly has a typical day playing in the sand, meeting other babies, and continuously attempting to crawl straight out to sea. She even finds a new treasure which she holds on to the whole day, someone’s chapstick (ew!). I think it’s actually still in our car someplace. At one point she looks sleepy and she keeps trying to eat stranger chapstick so we give her passie. She doesn’t nap, but she becomes way chill (like college Jamie when wearing hemp flip flops and a shell necklace while tucking his long hair behind his ears).

resize chill

When it’s time to leave, Elly is covered in sand so we strip her down and Jamie rinses her in the ocean . Elly’s naked butt gets some chuckles out of folks. I agree, it’s giggle worthy. One lady tells Jamie her son asked her  if it was a nude beach after seeing Elly.


resize butt 

Ok, all rinsed, ready to get dressed. But wait, first I must pee on Daddy, thought Elly. And she did. I guess she didn’t think it fair to only pee on Mommy. Or maybe she thought her Daddy had just been stung by a jellyfish, she’s sweet like that. Jamie stoically waits for her to finish, pee blowing in the breeze, then marches right back to the sea to rinse off in water that everyone pees in (you know you do it too).

 Ah, love our relaxing days at the beach.