The Real World: Wilmington

This is the true story … of four family members … who chose to move to the south … live together and have their lives blogged … to find out what happens … when people stop being polite … and start having babies … The Real World: Wilmington.

Gelato September 20, 2010

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My pregnancy sweet tooth is in full swing by now and luckily Jamie is my partner in crime because he enjoys a good sweet as well.  We’ve come across an awesome discovery at our grocery store, Talenti Gelato. It tastes pretty authentic and so far we’ve tried chocolate and black cherry (we like the chocolate a little better).  It would be a dream come true if they’d start carrying this flavor; I think we’ll have to buy in bulk if we find it. 


We Moved! September 14, 2010

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Don’t worry, we can still call our blog ‘The Real World Wilmington’, we just moved to a different house in Wilmington. We loved our cute historic home and all the wonderful memories that we created there, but decided it was time for a change.

Not to brag, but our new place has a luxurious garbage disposal. I know, you’re so envious because you probably don’t already have one. We also have real live grass in our yard for Elly and Otis to play in, although if we don’t start watering it, soon it might be a thing of the past. We have so much closet space here which is a good thing for the organizationally challenged like myself.

As much as I’m loving this new house and the conveniences that it provides me and my family, I will always remember our first house in Wilmington. It’s where Jamie and I embarked on a new adventure, following our dream to live by the beach and our dream of becoming parents. When we first moved down here we were amazed by how much space we had compared to our one bedroom townhome in Arlington.  We won’t forget our downtown roots now that we’re in the burbs. Lucky for us, Wilmington isn’t all that big so it’s easy to enjoy all that downtown has to offer. Well, aside from the nice restaurants, but that’s not because we moved, that’s because our little lady does not give a hoot about fine dining. She wants soy cheese pizza dang it!

Here are some pictures of our new home. I will post more as we get more set up. Do you have any idea how hard it is to make yourself do house chores when you live minutes from the beach?!

Family Room

Dining Area


Covered Back Porch


I’m BIG September 13, 2010

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I’m now 35 weeks into this pregnancy and am feeling puffy and round these days, but also super excited to hold and snuggle this baby. I can’t admit to you how much weight I’ve gained in 2 weeks, it’s too shocking, even for the internet. The obgyn says it’s water weight, but it’s still a pretty hard pill to swallow. As long as my blood pressure is low it’s nothing to worry about, this is just how my body does pregnancy and I’m not even as swollen as I was with Elly…yet. My belly is measuring a little big, but still within the normal range. I wonder how much this little guy will weigh?

We talk about baby brother a lot with Elly and she even felt him hiccuping in my belly the other day. We think she may be sensing that his arrival is upon on because lately she wants Mommy to do everything whereas she usually happily lets Daddy give baths, change diapers, read bedtime stories, etc.

sharing shells

We have around 4 weeks until the scheduled c-section. We can’t wait to meet this little guy and welcome him into our family!


The Blog Emperor of Wilmington September 9, 2010

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Jamie had another great article written about his accomplishments and this time Otis made the paper too. Ever since the article came out Otis has been wearing Ray Bans and insisting on filet mignon at meal times. I think the fame has gone to his head. Not Jamie though, he still happily changes diapers, takes out the trash and brings his wife cake. He’s so humble, which makes me even more proud.

Check it out!


Life Post Passie September 8, 2010

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We followed our pediatrician’s advice and introduced Elly to life without her pacifier. Damn those experts on children’s health and well being.

Night 1: It took Elly over three hours to finally fall asleep. She was hysterically crying and could only be soothed by Jamie or I taking turns laying on the floor of her room (uh oh, NEW crutch alert!). Not a pretty (or comfortable) picture at this stage of pregnancy. She finally dozed off with Jamie on the floor and slept most of the night, getting up earlier than her usual time. We discovered that Jamie has an amazing gift for blocking out Elly’s cries whereas I pretty much lose all ability to function as a ‘normal’ human.

Night 2: It only took about an hour for Elly to fall asleep, this time without Jamie or I in the room, victory, plus I am getting better at waiting 10 minute intervals to go in and check on her. All was grand until she woke up throwing up. We ran in and took her downstairs where we stayed up with her until around 1. After she’d been barf free for an hour, we had her sleep in the pack and play in our room. We discovered that Jamie has another amazing gift, skilled quickness at catching Elly’s barf.   

All the nights after that: It has taken anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours for Elly to fall asleep and she continues to wake up earlier than she used to, with several wake ups in the night as well. Nap time has become a struggle too. It usually takes hours for her to doze off, with a couple days of skipped naps altogether. Her new crutches are being rocked for a few minutes before bed/nap, which I love,  and sleeping with the door part way open, which is a problem because sound really carries in this house.

Elly used to sleep 11/12 hours a night and take a two-hour nap each day, happily. She is now averaging much less than that which seems to cause her two-year-old characteristics to come out stronger, and I’m not necessarily talking about the cute ones, although she is still cute of course (my totally unbiased opinion). I’m talking about the way two-year-olds turn everything into a battle. Time for bath, no! Time for a new diaper, no! Time to sit and eat dinner, no! You get the idea…

Are messed up teeth really that bad of a thing? Jamie and I both endured braces, so maybe she’s destined to have teeth trouble anyways. Would it really be that bad if she was the only kid at college who needed her pacifier to fall asleep? It’s been just over a week and I’m already weakening…when I am faced with newborn tired  in less than 5 weeks I really don’t know if I can hold strong! But, for now, I will hold out hope that Elly will be able to learn to sooth herself to sleep with only her ‘big girl passie’ (passie which has been cut that she still insists on sleeping with), blankets, and stuffed animals to comfort her.  

Some popular quotes Elly yells from her crib these days:

“I want get out!”

“No like the crib.”

“Cover blankie.” (if it comes off her feet she will yell for us to come cover her up again)

“I want stay awake!”

“Big girl passie fall down!” (if the passie falls out of the crib)


Education September 6, 2010

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Elly embarked on a new journey last week, the start of school. 

Reasons we decided to send Elly to preschool:

  • more interaction with kids and adults
  • time away from the house in a newborn free environment once baby brother arrives
  • to help keep me somewhat sane once I have 2 precious darlings to care for

Those are all great reasons that totally make sense in my brain. But, when it came time to drop my baby girl off with virtual strangers, my emotional side took over, just as it always seems to, and I was a hot mess.

I’ve been prepping Elly for the start of school for weeks now, reading books about it and talking about what was going to happen there. Our independent girl walked right in and started to explore her new room without shedding a tear, I was so relieved! I can’t even imagine how much more of a wreck I would have been if she’d been crying. I think someone should have been prepping ME  during these past weeks.

When we picked her up a couple hours later she was playing happily on the playground. She hasn’t told me much about school other than that she had pretzels and goldfish for snack, ya know, the important stuff. She also mentioned she had to sit at the table, which was kind of funny because the teacher told us she really didn’t want to sit at the table and that we should work on that at home. Elly’s first ever homework assignment.

 Jamie and I received a note from the teachers saying that Crocs are not allowed. We found out a few days before the start of school that the kids have to wear closed toed shoes. Well, we’ve been playing in sandals, flip-flops, or bare feet all summer so the closest thing I had to closed toed shoes were her Crocs. Elly has wide feet so it’s hard to find shoes that fit! Since finding out about the policy I have ordered some new shoes for her and found a pair at Marshalls that fit those yummy chunky monkeys! The rule follower in me does not like that I’ve already disappointed the teacher so now I will go overboard buying school-appropriate shoes. They’ve probably nicknamed me ‘Emotional Waddling Croc Lady’ or something along those lines.

Hopefully Elly will continue to be less emotional than her Mama about going to school. Through my tears it was amazing to see how inquisitive and interested she was in her new classroom. Education is so important and even though this is only preschool we hope that it’s the beginning of Elly wanting to be a lifetime learner.


Earl September 4, 2010

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Elly and I, along with lots of surfers and other folks, went down to the beach to check out the surf that hurricane Earl brought to our area.

Elly had fun chasing birds, feeling the strong winds, and having her feet buried in the sand.