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The Birthday Boy! October 23, 2011

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Our baby boy turned one on October 12th! It’s hard for me to process and think totally clearly about this past year and all that it has entailed but I know that despite the trials we’ve faced, Miles has brought an abundance of joy into our home. He is a happy, fun, sweet and loving boy, and I just can’t get enough of him!

At 12 months:

  • he has 3 teeth (2 bottom, 1 top)
  • he cruises and walks with his walking toy
  • he has stood on his own for about 10 seconds
  • he is very vocal, but doesn’t form words other than mama, dada and bye
  • he is a good sleeper
  • he prefers to eat all finger foods
  • he’s doing a great job switching from formula to milk, but isn’t too excited about giving up his bottles
  • he’s wearing clothes that are true to size, I’d guess he weighs around 25 pounds
  • he likes being around people
  • he smiles a lot

We took him to the aquarium to celebrate his special day.

He got lots of fun presents which big sis was more than happy to help open.


He LOVED being sung to and finally getting to dive right in to his cake.

My hope for Miles is that life continues to bring out that precious smile as much as we’ve seen it over this first year and that as he grows he is able to recognize all the wonderful traits in himself that make us such proud and beaming parents. We love you Miles and are beyond thankful that you are our son.


One Response to “The Birthday Boy!”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I can’t believe it has been a year!! He is so cute!! And I also realized as I was reading your post that I had Hallie on his birthday! Happy Birthday!

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