The Real World: Wilmington

This is the true story … of four family members … who chose to move to the south … live together and have their lives blogged … to find out what happens … when people stop being polite … and start having babies … The Real World: Wilmington.

Two Merry Months December 16, 2010

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Miles turned two months old on December 12th so we made him a cake for the sole reason of capturing it on film. We didn’t eat any of his cake that night because we went to a Christmas party where we enjoyed lots of sweets, including chocolate cake. Not to worry, we’ve been eating a little of his cake everyday since. Note to self, the holiday season is not the most realistic time to drop baby weight. Looks like I will have the never before thought of by anyone else New Years resolution of getting in shape in 2011.

Miles is getting so big (weighing in at 13.1 lbs) and I love all his new baby pudge, but I am ready for him to stop growing so fast. I will guiltily admit that in the early days of having Miles home I was wishing time would speed up because I was so overwhelmed with taking care of him and Elly but now I’m in a better place, and he’s become more content outside the womb, so I want him to stay a snuggly baby for a long while.  

We are having so much fun cuddling with him, watching him become more aware of the things and people around him, and having conversations filled with various coos, gurgles and grunts with him. His little smile makes me melt as does watching big sis give him hugs and kisses, although we’ve had to put those on hold lately due to the massive amount of snot that continuously vacates Elly’s nose these days. We love you Miles and are looking forward to helping you celebrate your first Christmas!


Calling Nate Berkus

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We went to a Christmas party at our old neighbors house and it was something out of a magazine or that you’d see on Nate’s show, which I’ve actually never seen but I assume you would. These pictures really don’t do the decorations justice. When you walk into the house it feels like you’re walking into a magical winter wonderland, what a wonderful place to spend Christmas! Do you think they’d mind if I moved my family in there on Christmas Eve?

cookies for the party

trying for a Christmas card shot

There were a total of 4 decorated Christmas trees and lots of other types of trees with lights and snow throughout the house. Hand cut, one of a kind snowflakes were hung from the ceiling. The table was beautiful and there was even a bar filled with take-home sweets for the guests, yum! I think I need to enlist them to assist me with Elly and Miles’ future birthday parties.


Oh Christmas Tree December 15, 2010

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We once again visited the quaint tree farm known as Loews to get our tree. The kids were decked out in Santa hats and we were ready to have a fun time finding the perfect tree on this particular chilly and windy night. Fast forward to us pulling out of the parking lot with our tree securely (?) tied to our car and Jamie saying, “Well, that wasn’t as fun as I thought it was going to be.” Miles was loudly protesting the whole time Jamie was tying the tree to our car as well as the whole ride home. The boy does not enjoy the car so much, moving or stationary. Hopefully that will change over the next 2 weeks before we leave on our road trip to VA. I keep having visions of myself squished between 2 car seats for 6 plus hours trying to calm Miles down. If anyone has any xanax lying around, feel free to send it my way.  

It took us a full week to get our tree decorated because one of us was usually needing to hold Miles while the other was tending to Elly, but it’s finally done and I love it! As an added bonus our star is actually straight this year thanks to Grandpa. I do feel a little guilty though because Elly has a bunch of ornaments on the tree whereas Miles has, well, none. Hopefully Santa will bring him some for Christmas. Elly is pretty gentle with the ornaments and has not attempted to open one present yet. Sweet Miles has enjoyed looking at all the lights and ornaments too.


Warm and Fuzzy December 9, 2010

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I have to beg Elly daily for hugs, kisses and cuddles. I usually get denied when I ask for some affection but there’s the rare occasion that she takes pity on me and gives me some sugar. Ahhh, warm and fuzzy heaven. Love snuggling with that girl. Lucky for her Miles enjoys a good snuggle…for now, so that takes some of the pressure off her. When she’s in therapy later in life to talk about the balloon incident I’m sure she’ll also tell her therapist how scarred she is by her Mother’s constant need to kiss her chubby cheeks. Poor Elly Grace.


Gobble, Gobble December 8, 2010

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We enjoyed 70 degree weather for the Thanksgiving holiday so we met up with Elly’s cousins for a little beach time in the morning. Elly had fun getting her feet wet while Miles took in the scenery from his car seat.

Later the kids put on their Thanksgiving gear, yes they had Thanksgiving outfits, Jamie insisted.

At 11 pounds, 14 ounces Miles almost weighed as much as the 12 pound turkey.  Elly was perplexed when the turkey came out of the oven without any eyes. It’s got to be a little disturbing for kids that they’re told to eat turkey on Thanksgiving after reading cute stories about turkeys and making turkey crafts leading up to the holiday.

The meal was great, especially since it was prepared and even cleaned up by my Mom, thank you! I should plan to have an infant around for every major holiday that we host. For dessert we enjoyed pies and turkey cookies that Elly made earlier in the week.

We had a great holiday and definitely have much to be thankful for.