The Real World: Wilmington

This is the true story … of four family members … who chose to move to the south … live together and have their lives blogged … to find out what happens … when people stop being polite … and start having babies … The Real World: Wilmington.

The Blogfather April 28, 2010

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On a regular day I feel proud of Jamie for the friend, father and husband that he is. I am proud of him for being so driven and committed to our family. I am also proud of him for continuing to pursue things that he’s passionate about in life. Today I am extra proud because of the article that was written about him in the New York Observer

My favorite part:

But who was the shadowy blog overlord gobbling up bodies?

As it turns out, his name is Jamie Mottram. He’s a sunny, 32-year-old sports blogger–turned–media executive who works out of his house by the beach in Wilmington, N.C.—a town of 75,000 residents with a river walk and lots of deciduous trees, located roughly 593 miles southwest of Balthazar.

On a recent Monday afternoon, The Observer met Mr. Mottram for lunch at Novita, an Italian restaurant near Gramercy Park. He was in town for 24 hours. That evening he would be meeting with some of his recently hired bloggers at a bar in Brooklyn. He has brown hair and blue-green eyes. He looked well rested and tan. His major concern was where he’d watch the Washington Capitals game that night on TV. He ordered the ravioli. Just seven short years ago, Mr. Mottram said, he’d never heard of blogging. “Now,” he added, “it pays my mortgage.”

 I love that Jamie has carved out a career for himself based around something that he’s passionate about and good at.  Thanks for working  hard not only for yourself but for us too!


More Animals! April 22, 2010

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Elly went to visit a farm and frequently said,”‘more animals!”, because she couldn’t get enough of them!  We saw turkeys, peacocks, piglets, cows and horses to name a few. 

trying to get a closer look

She even got a little souvenir, her own horse, a stuffed one that is. She had a great time exploring, running and breathing in the spring farm air (her congestion came in handy in those barns!). 



Where’s Elly? April 20, 2010

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Elly has loved peek-a-boo for a while now, but she’s just recently discovered this new way to play it.

Can’t you just feel the love when I try to give her a squeeze? She can’t escape my clutches fast enough!


The Start of a Beautiful Friendship April 16, 2010

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Elly has had to watch Jamie and I devour slice after slice of pizza approximately once a week her whole life without ever getting to taste it herself. She didn’t seem to mind, but she didn’t know what she was missing.  Due to her dairy allergy we had held off on giving her pizza. But we were out to dinner recently and saw they offered vegan pizzas (you could even get whole wheat crust!) so we went for it.

This was also a huge milestone because it was the first time we’ve ordered anything for her off of a kids menu. We are getting so adventurous in our parenting.

I think the pizza woke up her Italian characteristics because she has been extra passionate about expressing her thoughts and opinions as of late, Mamma mia!  I am happy we have found a place to go out where she doesn’t just have to watch us eat pizza, she can join in the fun!


Future Vegan? April 14, 2010

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Elly has inherited my love/obsession with animals and I couldn’t be happier! That means I will have a partner in crime when it comes time to convince Daddy that we want another dog. And I must say she is a natural pack leader, Cesar Milan would be really proud.

She tells Otis to get back whenever I am preparing food or she’s eating food down on his level. He listens to her too! Otis may be crazy hyper sometimes, but he is also crazy submissive. He puts up with a lot from Elly. Eye poking, ear pulling, climbing, chasing…he’s endured it all. Not to worry, we are always right here to redirect Elly when she’s getting too rough and to make sure Otie is continuing to be his sweet self.  Elly is also very loving towards Otis. He gets more hugs and kisses than Jamie and I do combined.

Since we know how much she loves furry creatures we took her to an egg hunt where there were also animals she’d be able to see up close and personal. She didn’t get one single egg, but she wasn’t bothered by that. She had a blast petting and watching the different animals that she’s seen in many a book. The horses seemed to be her favorite as she kept yelling ‘neigh, neigh’ over and over.


Easter Elly April 12, 2010

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First off, sorry for the lack of posts, we have been pretty busy lately, but I will try to do better and catch you up on all our adventures. We had a gorgeous Easter weekend down here in Wilmington with family. We were lucky enough to have Grandma and Grandpa Mottram, Uncle Chris, and GG (Great Grandma) come to visit!

Elly was spoiled with lots of Easter goodies, several of which involved one of her current passions in life; Elmo. What is it about that guy?! I have not encouraged her to have such a strong relationship with the furry red monster, but something has drawn her to him. Could it be that high-pitched voice? The fact that he talks in the third person? Maybe his enchanting laugh? Who knows, but she has caught Elmo fever, big time.  

Back to Easter…we got Elly all dolled up (I could have cried she looked so sweet, but when it comes to life in general it doesn’t take much to get me emotional) and went to church. She had fun playing in the nursery, actually didn’t want to leave. We eventually coaxed her out and took a couple pictures outside of church where many a church goer oohed and aahed over her Easter finest.

We had more family over in the afternoon for an egg hunt and dinner. Elly walked around collecting eggs, but couldn’t resist also collecting the occasional rock. Rock collecting, is another one of her passions in life.

150 or so pictures later, the holiday came to a close. I love celebrating holidays and they are especially precious now that we share them with Elly. I know she’s little and won’t remember this Easter, but I still wanted to make the day special for her and establish some family traditions. As I was tucking her in that night she looked up and said how much fun she had. She didn’t actually use words, but I could tell that’s what she was thinking, although I think ‘more Elmo, more Elmo’ was also on repeat in her little head.