The Real World: Wilmington

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Miles & Elly April 4, 2012

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On one of our warm spring days I broke out the sprinkler, Elly couldn’t have been more thrilled. She ran in circles around it laughing and smiling until it was time to come in for lunch.

Miles was more tentative, enjoying himself from a safe distance. You can actually see his hair in this picture because I rubbed sunscreen all over his noggin.

Big sis tried to coax him into the sprinkler but Miles wasn’t about to let that happen.

By the way, I just love Elly and Miles. Duh. But, I mean I love seeing them together playing, interacting, loving on each other.  When they hug I just about melt, even if some of the squeezes do tend to be a little close to the neck, ahem, Elly. They chase each other and squeal with delight when someone is ‘caught’, there are times when they hold hands in the car, and Elly often uses such kind words to comfort Miles when he’s upset. Of course every moment isn’t perfect, but these special moments far outshine the tough ones. I am happy Elly and Miles have each other.