The Real World: Wilmington

This is the true story … of four family members … who chose to move to the south … live together and have their lives blogged … to find out what happens … when people stop being polite … and start having babies … The Real World: Wilmington.

Carolina Blueberries May 29, 2010

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We decided to take Elly blueberry picking since she loved strawberry picking so much. Also, when you’re a Wilmington local you don’t go to the beach on holiday weekends due to lack of parking and crowds. It took us about two years to learn this rule.

We came away with lots of blueberries so hopefully there will be a blueberry pie to eat in the near future, but for now some strawberry sorbet will have to do.


It’s a… May 27, 2010

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Here’s Elly to let you know the gender of our new baby, who we are expecting in October!


Garden Concert May 25, 2010

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    We went to a park for an outdoor concert and also enjoyed a picnic, my kind of fun (Uncle Chris, I know you’re still upset you missed it!).  We sat in a soft green grassy field next to a huge tree dripping with Spanish moss so the setting was real nice.

Slight tangent, I have become a little obsessed with grass lately (the legal kind) because our backyard is in dire need of some. A big portion of our yard is pretty much a dirt pit which makes for one messy lab, one messy toddler and one Mommy who can’t keep up with all that dirt that gets in the house! SO, I was loving sitting in that grassy field not having to constantly beg Elly to stop playing in the dirt, aaaahh relaxation.

We ate some dinner, listened to music, and enjoyed the scenery and weather. But, my favorite part of the night was watching Elly dance (the grass was a close second).


Tea-Ball Time May 21, 2010

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Elly has discovered the joys of having tea parties. It will be fun to take her out for real tea one day, not that I’m in a hurry for her to grow up, we’re having too much fun now!

Jamie, don’t worry, she’s not too much of a girly girl because directly following our tea party we had a game of catch with a mini Redskins football (WARNING: if you watch the video you may go deaf from my excited shrieking after Elly caught the ball. She actually caught it about 5 times!!!).


The Best Pasta May 18, 2010

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     We recently took Elly out for dinner on the Cape Fear River because it was such a beautiful evening. There must have been a lot of ants out enjoying the nice weather too because Elly seemed to have a good deal of them in her pants. If you ever happen to join us at a restaurant we have a few new ground rules set by the behavior of our almost 2-year-old. We’ve adapted pretty quickly, hopefully you can as well.

It’s helpful to have your order ready, like yesterday. I’d think about going online ahead of time to check out that menu. Leisurely menu browsing and chit chat are not on the menu when dining with our sweet little lady. Elly is very passionate about certain things, like not sitting in a high chair for too long, especially if there’s a river in view. So, be ready to take Elly on a little stroll between courses or while waiting for the food to arrive. You can lure her back with the promise of some blueberries (or boo-ies as Elly calls them). Fine dining is out, places with kid cups and healthy kids menu items are all the rage. Oh, and the noisier, the better!

 We have discovered the best pasta in all of Wilmington.  It entertained a toddler while her parents were able to eat their whole meals.  The love Elly felt for that pasta is written all over her sweet face.


Pool Days May 11, 2010

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Elly enjoyed some time at Papa’s pool recently and her almost 2-year-old personality traits were very evident while we were there.

1. Asserting Independence

  • The girl thinks she’s Michael Phelps already because she continuously tried prying my hands off of her while we were “simming”.

2. Fearlessness

  • When she partly broke free her face went in the water, it didn’t bother her one bit!

3. Indecisiveness

  • In the pool, out of the pool…repeat about 100 times.

Elly had fun splashing, kicking her legs, and trying to blow bubbles in the water but I think her favorite part about going to the pool was taking a break for some watermelon!


Mother’s Day May 10, 2010

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I feel very lucky to be Elly’s Mom so having a whole day to celebrate that fact and spend time as a family put me over the moon! Jamie made me feel really appreciated by planning a fun day for us which started with flowers (including some peonies and hydrangea, 2 of my faves) and breakfast.  

He knows how much I love animals so we went to some stables and fed the horses lots of carrots. They were beautiful!

We also had a picnic in the arboretum under the Carolina blue skies. I could have smelled the roses all day and Elly could have fed the fish all day. One of us decided to have a slight fit when it was time to end our fun activities, I won’t tell who.

While Elly napped Jamie went to Lowes (after a little cat nap for himself, it’s hard taking on the duties of Mommy AND Daddy for the day!) and got some supplies we need for our garden.

We went out for an Italian dinner at one of my favorite places. Elly hung in there, although she is not the easiest diner to deal with these days.  She made it very clear that she was not in the mood for the stir fry Jamie packed, she much preferred crackers as her main course. We gave in, in fear of a meltdown before our delicious main courses had even arrived. It was worth it, and eventually she came around and ate some stir fry, while insisting on being seated in a regular chair. Here she is outside the restaurant sporting her very first ponytail. I know, what a milestone! 

Thanks Jamie and Elly for a fabulous Mother’s Day! We hope all the other Moms out there, especially our own, enjoyed a relaxing day!