The Real World: Wilmington

This is the true story … of four family members … who chose to move to the south … live together and have their lives blogged … to find out what happens … when people stop being polite … and start having babies … The Real World: Wilmington.

Thanksgiving December 18, 2011

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It’s almost Christmas, so naturally I’m making a post about our Thanksgiving. We had a great celebration and meal in Wilmington with family and friends. Elly probably lasted five minutes at the table before wanting to go play, and Miles probably lasted about the same before he started fussing. We now know he was in the beginning stages of what would turn into an ear infection that’s still lingering! Fingers crossed the new medicine he started will knock it out. We took him to urgent care today because he woke up with a rash that kept getting worse, turns out it’s hives, most likely caused by amoxicillin. Kids and allergies these days, sheesh!

Ok, enough talk about rashes, back to Thanksgiving. I have too many things to list that I’m thankful for which makes me even more thankful. I am aware of my many blessings and I try to appreciate them every day. 

Might as well wish everyone a Merry Christmas now since my posts seem to be a little delayed!


Leaf Pile December 9, 2011

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I’ve told Elly about spending fall days at my Grandparents farm where my cousins and I would jump and play in gigantic leaf piles for as long as our parents would allow.

I tried to create a little fall magic for Elly, but where we live we don’t get many fall leaves since our neighborhood is on the newer side and Wilmington doesn’t have lots of fall trees in general. So, the pile I raked up for her was pretty weak. Lucky for me she was thrilled with it!

To help Elly warm up I made her some soy hot chocolate when we got back inside and she loved it! It was adorable watching her sip out of her little mug.


Mountain Vacay December 7, 2011

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We made the journey to Asheville to enjoy a fall weekend in the mountains. We really love it there. We stayed in an adorable cabin overlooking a stream that supposedly had trout swimming in it. I don’t believe it though because I surely would have caught something with my mad sweet fishing skills.

We were lucky enough to have Uncle Chris and Aunt Tiffany join us for the weekend and let us stay at their place one night to break up the drive. They got a real taste of what parenthood can be like when out of nowhere Elly upchucked on Saturday night in her bed. Luckily it was a one time puke, but it was still a mess none the less. Elly handled it like a champ and refers to it as the time that something came out of her mouth.  She actually didn’t get a bad deal because we let her stay up to watch Toy Story afterwards so we could keep an eye on her.

Toy Story was the first movie she’s ever seen and she was glued to it even though it was super late. Spoiler alert; there’s a part in the movie when Buzz realizes he’s not a real space hero and is actually a toy. He’s pretty broken up about it. Elly has some sort of crazy sense of empathy because she started crying saying that Buzz was sad. It happened again the next day when she of course insisted on watching the movie again. Something like this happened when she was two and we were reading a book about Frosty the Snowman, she started tearing up when Frosty was going away. When it happened again, we promptly hid the book. I fear our poor girl may have inherited my sensitivity gene, it’s a doozy, sorry Elly.

We had a lot of good clean family fun around our cabin and in Asheville.  Horseback riding for the kids, swinging,  fishless fishing, campfires with marshmallows, indoor fires, yummy food and time with loved ones. It was a wonderful little getaway!