The Real World: Wilmington

This is the true story … of four family members … who chose to move to the south … live together and have their lives blogged … to find out what happens … when people stop being polite … and start having babies … The Real World: Wilmington.

Dumplings January 28, 2011

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3 Months! January 27, 2011

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Miles turned 3 months old on January 12th! He is such a sweet and happy little guy. I was actually asking Jamie the other night why he thought Miles was so challenging those first several weeks and he told me that his genes just hadn’t kicked in yet.

3 Month Tidbits About Miles

  • He is big!
  • He can roll from his belly to his back, he did that for the first time yesterday! I made a big fuss about it, Jamie heard me and came out to see what was going on. He thought Elly had used the potty again, which by the way she did recently and promptly stood up, looked in, and said, “What’s that?” with a look of horror on her face.
  • He has laughed, although it’s really hard to get it out of him. Smiles come very easily and continue to make me melt.
  • He likes when we sing, talk, and read to him. He especially likes when big sis does any of those things. 
  • He loves being held and jiggled but now he will usually let us set him down for short periods if we need to do something that requires our hands (says the mom who’s typing with one hand due to the sleeping baby on her torso).
  • He loves to kick his legs and straighten them out to stand up while we hold him.
  • He’s figured out how to self soothe by sucking on his fingers. He also likes his paci, but isn’t as obsessed as Elly was with it.
  • He’s crying less in the car!
  • He’s graduated from sleeping in his bouncy seat to sleeping in his cradle.

Everyday I am amazed by my two babies. I can’t squeeze, kiss and cuddle them enough! Of course we have our trying moments, but I feel really lucky to have these turkeys to spend my days with.


Counting Cutie and Cake January 24, 2011

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I went out for a couple hours and Elly decided to do this at home for the first time…

Jamie and I were very impressed because her counting typically goes something like, “one, two, seven, ten!”.  We were getting concerned that she had inherited my math skills. Now there’s hope that she will take after Rain Man, otherwise known as her Daddy, the human calculator.

This is what I was up to while our mathematician was showing off her skills.

As a Christmas gift, Jamie signed me up for a cake decorating class, which was so thoughtful. It’s fun pursuing an interest and also getting out a short bit each week knowing Elly and Miles are having some fun with Daddy. Next time you see Jamie ask him to sing you the ‘Big Turkey Little Chicken’ song he made up to get Elly to eat her dinner. It’s a classic tune complete with loud chicken and turkey sounds.  If we’re lucky it will make it onto Jamie’s ‘Best of 2011’ play list.

We’ve had cake almost every night for about two weeks, and we’ll have a freshly baked and decorated one on Tuesday. We are a couple of addicts over here. I’m feeling a little uneasy tonight because we gave our last piece of cake to my brother yesterday, guess this antioxidant rich bar of dark chocolate will have to do. I’m such a health nut.


Snow Angels January 16, 2011

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It snowed down here in Wilmington!

Luckily I had some snow pants for Elly. Even if she wears them just this once, they were worth it for how cute they are on her! She looks like a gnarly snow boarder chick.

My children and husband have the most beautiful eyes! If I ever need contacts maybe I’ll get some blue ones so that I can fit in better. I should probably color my hair blond while I’m at it too.

When asked how the snow tasted, Elly replied, “White.” Mmmmm. I love that we were able to capture such a classic childhood moment in this photo.


Hello 2011! January 8, 2011

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Our 2010 Top Five (in no particular order)

  1. The Pregnancy: Pregnancy seems to be all-consuming for me emotionally and physically (that’s a nice way of saying I was a BIG HOT MESS). I think it’s safe to say that both Jamie and I are glad it’s over and so thankful for the pinchable, huggable, squeezeable outcome!  
  2. Miles’ Arrival:  We have been blessed again with a healthy, sweet baby. We’re loving cuddling and getting to know ‘lil blue eyes. I’m happy to say we’ve settled in well to life with two kids.  Thank you Miles for cutting back on the crying and increasing the sleep, you have managed to keep your Mama out of the insane asylum…for now.
  3. Elly Starts School/Becomes a Big Sis: She has a blast at school and has enjoyed it from the very beginning. In typical first-born fashion she follows all the rules, her teacher even said that they’d love to clone her. Although, they did mention she can be a stubborn little thing (she certainly gets that from Jamie). Elly is a kind and gentle big sister and seems to like her new role for the most part. There’s nothing like seeing Miles’ face light up at the sight of his big sis.   
  4. First Family Vacation: We took a week-long vacation in the Outer Banks which was hopefully the start of a family tradition. Not part of the tradition; hand, foot, and mouth disease, mmmmmkay?!
  5. Jamie got SO Famous (article 1, article 2): He continues to impress me with how driven he is and I am thrilled for him that he’s doing something he loves each day. If only the paparazzi would just leave us alone. It’s exhausting trying to look put together for all these photos when showers are few and far between around here. Did you see Jamie’s spread, “Bloggers, They’re Just Like Us”?

When thinking about goals for 2011 my hopes are that we all remain healthy, happy and continue to thrive and enjoy life in Wilmington. In order for the happy part of that to come true for my husband, I really need those Redskins to make the playoffs next season. Please, please, please stop missing short field goals and stop signing old quarterbacks who you then decide to bench. Go Skins!


Christmas Cheer January 6, 2011

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Elly came downstairs to find a tent and basketball hoop from Santa waiting for her along with a stocking full of goodies. She loved opening presents and has already realized opening clothes isn’t all that fun. I’m guessing she’ll change her mind about that around age 13.  

Cinderella watch Elly asked for

chemical free blue nailpolish


Miles could barely contain his excitement over his personalized suitcase and new floor gym from Santa.  I’m happy to report he also got some ornaments so our tree next year will be more balanced.

I loved all my gifts but especially my new mug that Jamie had made for me with the picture from my ‘Warm and Fuzzy’ post along with an exerpt from the post printed on the mug. Needless to say, I got a little teary.  Elly gave me a Droid which she had told me about a few days before Christmas within the first minute of returning from the mall with Jamie. Jamie learned you can’t trust a two year old to keep a secret. She had also told us what was in the present she made us at school, “an Elly picture”, which was another one of my favorites.

It was a wonderful Christmas that we’ll always remember as our first one as a family of four. I feel so lucky to have my sweet family to celebrate the holidays with.


Christmas Eve January 4, 2011

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When I was a kid Christmas Eve was one of my favorite holidays, rivaling Christmas day and my birthday.  My aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents would come over for a big Italian feast followed by Irish coffees for the adults and all of us sitting around the piano singing every Christmas carol we could think of. There were some musically talented people and some not so musically talented people but we all belted out the tunes regardless. My Dad was known for singing an off tune, but of course charming, rendition of Silent Night. My Grandma, Mama, was known for crying during White Christmas. Us kids looked forward to Aunt Karen leading us in Rudolph or another fun song and as we got older we’d look forward to practicing and performing a carol or two for the adults.  It was always a magical night, especially when my Dad got hold of some bells and convinced us that Santa was nearby so we’d better get to bed!

I’d love to provide that same sense of magic for my kids as they grow up. This year we hosted an Italian dinner for some family, I use the term hosted loosely since all I did was set the table. After our company had cleared out Jamie and I bravely decided to take our Christmas angels to church. We weren’t sure how it was going to go down but I really wanted to make it happen. I especially love the music at church on Christmas Eve, probably because music played such a big part in the holiday for me growing up. We bribed Elly with snacks and a stray candy cane we found in the diaper bag while Miles was bribed with a bottle and constant jiggling.  Miles loved the music, gazing up with a big grin at his Daddy and big sis as they sang while I held him. The candlelit singing of Silent Night was so beautiful, Jamie was the opposite of shocked when I teared up.  The folks around us were super nice and didn’t seem to mind the occasional outbursts from Elly and Miles. 

cousin Denver



After Elly set out cookies, milk and carrots, put on Christmas jammies, read a Christmas book and then went to bed we got everything set up for Christmas morning while watching ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. I remember hardly sleeping most Christmas Eves due to all the anticipation of Christmas Day. I can’t say that was the case for me this year, aside from when Miles so kindly reminded me it was time to eat, but I did have some excited butterflies fluttering around because I couldn’t wait to see the reaction of my little girl the next morning and to help my baby boy celebrate his first Christmas.