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Twi-Mom Goes to See ‘New Moon’ November 23, 2009

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If you are a loyal reader you know that I have recently gotten into the Twilight Saga despite being a non teen. Can I coin the term “Twi-mom”?* I am currently reading the 3rd book, Eclipse, and just as everyone before me, I have been reading the books back to back. For me, the Twilight Saga is like chocolate cake with butter cream  frosting, a shopping spree at Anthropologie and a new Grays Anatomy episode all stuffed into a book form. Total guilty pleasure.

*After I came up with this term on my own, my editor made me Google it to see if it already existed. It does.

I had to indulge and go see ‘New Moon’ on opening day. No, I did not go to the midnight showing. I am not that hardcore. I only went on opening day to a super packed theater, wearing a Cullen t-shirt. No big deal. 

My shirt is the most appropriate Twilight Saga shirt a gal of my age should be wearing if one my age must actually be wearing a Twilight themed shirt that is. I bought it on somewhat of a whim. I was shopping for some Christmas outfits for Elly (the ‘s’ on outfits is no mistake, the girl has mad holiday events going on) and as I was casually strolling by Hot Topic, a store I have frequented all of zero times, I was drawn in by the massive amounts of ‘New Moon’/’Twilight’ garb. I quickly browsed, grabbed a shirt, and went to check out all the while avoiding eye contact with others in the store. I pretended not to hear the appalled whispers. “Did you like see that lady, she like has a baby and stuff and is buying a Twilight shirt. Does she think she’s cool or young or something? Next thing you know, she’ll be trying to pull off skinny jeans. Ew.” Here’s my shirt if you want to check it out.

We had to wait in a line to get into the theater even though we already had our tickets. When they opened the doors for the line to start moving into the ticket checking area there were screams. Kid you not. My heart raced. Could he be here (he being Jacob or Edward depending on whose team you’re on)? What else would warrant such squeals? Oh, of course, a door opening always makes me scream my head off.

We were herded into the theater and quickly found the best seats still available. Centered, but pretty close up. I had to look away at times due to being nauseated, but it was so worth it! The previews were glorious. Probably saw about 4 upcoming movies I would love to see. There is no doubt in my mind that Jamie will want to see exactly none of them. Although, I might be able to convince him to see the one coming out with R-Pat; it did look indie-ish.

Speaking of Jamie, he says that ‘New Moon’ has an awesome soundtrack. I bet he was a little disappointed that he wasn’t the one taking me to see the movie. I know he rolls his eyes at my new found all things Twilight obsession, but I think he’s secretly intrigued. 

Now about the screams, they were plentiful. Movie starts; scream. Jacob enters screen; scream. Edward enters screen; scream. Jacob/Edward with a shirt off; scream. Jacob/Bella almost kissing; scream. Need I go on, or do you get the picture?  

I must say I loved the movie and one of the first things I said after it was over is, “When is ‘Eclipse’ coming out?!”


Let’s Go Fly a Kite November 16, 2009

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We went to a kite festival on the beach.  It was a gorgeous beach day and Elly couldn’t stop pointing at the kites and every other little thing that caught her attention. She loves to point these days.

resize point

I think the kite people were trying to set a world record for number of kites shaped like an octopus flying in the sky at once. Speaking of kite people, they are serious and passionate about their craft. It’s probably for the best that we forgot to bring our dinky little fish shaped kite. Elly wouldn’t want to see her parents scoffed at. What an embarassment we’d be.

resize octos 2

A miracle occured and Elly napped for a bit on the beach. Jamie fell asleep with her and I relaxed all the while wishing that I’d brought Eclipse with me. That’s right, I’m on the third book in the Twilight series, now you’re seriously jealous.

resize sleep

The kite festival was filled with good clean fun!


Walk This Way November 8, 2009

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Elynor Grace Mottram took her first unassisted steps on November 1st!!!!!!!!! She walked on her own several times that day, with a lot of coaxing.

resize walk

She has apparently decided that walking wasn’t all that special because she hasn’t done it since then. Even if there is just one step in between Jamie and I, she will sit down as soon as you let go of her hand and crawl. She’s a pretty cautious gal, which I am fine with since I scare easy! 

We did catch her on video, so if I can figure out how to get it online I will post it. I know you are super excited about the prospect of a video of Elly doing something this rare and unique,  just try your best to stay calm so that you’re still able to get some sleep at night.


Five Guys November 3, 2009

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Since we are from the DC area it was only fitting that Elly’s first taste of beef be a Five Guys burger. I had packed a lovely and healthy dinner for Elly to enjoy while Jamie and I gorged on burgers and fries but when we arrived at Five Guys I realized the sliced up chicken was gone. Otis!!!!!!!! That dog had a stealth moment and was able to get the chicken from the diaper bag and eat it without us knowing, right before we left. Otis must have some crazy moves because he has also been known to get food off of counters that is pushed all the way back, seemingly impossible for any dog to reach. He has gotten MANY a loaf of bread this way. Yes, I said loaf. Well, actually the other day it was a package of sandwich rolls. All those carbs are not helping him lose the few pounds the vet suggested he lose. 

resize five guys

Anyhoo, Elly benefited from Otie’s bad boy behavior and ate half of a ground beef pattie. She would have easily taken down the whole thing, but I wanted to make sure her belly would be ok with the new food. I’m sure she’s looking forward to her next burger!


Halloween November 2, 2009

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Here’s some buzzworthy news for you; Elly was a bumble bee for Halloween!

resize bee

She was wrestled into her costume four nights in a row due to multiple Halloween celebrations. We took her to a Halloween event at the auqarium, then our neighbors had 2 Halloween parties, then of course the grand finale, Halloween. We were lucky to have family in town to help us celebrate Elly’s 2nd Halloween.

On Halloween Elly woke up in her festive jammies and got her first treats of the day from her Grandparents. We decided to enjoy the warm weather by heading to the beach.

resize jammies

resize beach

That night we took Elly trick-or-treating for the first time and stopped at our next door neighbor’s to kick it off. Might not have been my smartest move since it was pitch black with a strobe light and the adults were dressed in scary costumes. We got part way to the house and Elly started shaking her head. The witch came to us with some candy and as soon as Elly got her little hands on it she was happy again. We proceded to several other less scary neighbors and Elly had a good old time collecting candy.

resize witch

neighborhood witch

resize zombie

neighborhood zombie

This year our costumes were a family affair. Shockingly Jamie agreed to dress up and I think he enjoyed himself. We ran in to another bee keeper, who actually was a real one, when we went out downtown that night. You heard right, I went out, to a bar, in Wilmington, for the first time. I am pretty sure that the Earth shook a bit, time stood still for a moment, and the Red Sea started to part a little because of this momentous occasion.  Thank you grandparents for babysitting!

resize costume

Having Elly makes celebrating things like Halloween that much more fun. I am so blessed to have that little bumble bee buzzing around this place.


Pumpkin ‘Patch’

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We finally made it to a local pumpkin patch aka church that had lots of pumpkins, gourds, and other fall items in its yard. Since we were getting pumpkins late in the game the pickin’s were slim (aside from that cute little pumpkin there in the middle).

resize patch

resize wagon

Luckily we found a couple to work with  and thanks to a unique design I found online and the carving skills of Elly’s Grandpa Mottram we had a great jack-o-lantern to display. Thanks for the help Grandma and Grandpa!

resize carve

resize jack