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We Went to Disney World! March 8, 2013

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When I told Jamie I thought it would be fun to take Elly and Miles to Disney World he let out one of those breaths he saves for times of extreme frustration. It was like he was already transported to the line for It’s a Small World where he’d have to be holding a crying Miles from running a muck. So naturally I bought a book all about Disney and started planning.

Thanks to my in-laws we had a time share at the Sheraton Vistana resort for a whole week! It was great because we had 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, and back porch, which Jamie turned into his office since he was working part of the week. There were also awesome pools for the kids, which Miles had to enjoy in shorts and a t-shirt since I forgot to pack his rash guard and suit. I did a really good job with all the planning!

disney pool 2

We decided that we were just going to Magic Kingdom on this trip since we only had 3 days to visit parks and Magic Kingdom seemed to be the best fit for our kids interests; princesses and Mickey. I’m really glad we did it like that because we had time to explore the park and not feel like we had to cram things in, despite having to leave mid day for naps on 2 of the days. To prepare for the trip we watched You Tube videos of rides, borrowed an awesome double stroller from a friend, and all got Mickey/Minnie shirts to wear. Yes, even Jamie.


After comparing prices and figuring out the time difference between flying and driving we decided to drive to Orlando. I let Jamie make that decision because I didn’t want to be influenced by my issues with flying, which one of these days I will face, with the help of klonopin. We left at 5am and drove straight down which took around 10 hours and it actually wasn’t all that bad, but boy was I glad to break up the drive with a night in Savannah on the way home.


Disney World was truly magical for Elly and Miles, it was adorable. They met characters, went on rides, saw shows and watched parades.  The characters are like celebrities to the kids and Elly will tell you meeting the princesses was her favorite thing about Disney World. We even ate lunch in Cinderella’s castle where we got to meet 4 of the princesses. Talk about heaven for our little girl! Miles loved the characters just as much as Elly and even scored some kisses from princesses. I know Elly’s favorite ride was the tea cups and they both loved It’s a Small World. I never saw the fireworks at Disney as a kid (I know, I was super deprived) so I thought that was a special moment on our trip. Everyone who worked there was friendly and helpful and the park was amazingly clean.

disney collage 2

disney collage

character collage

princess collage

It was hard to believe that I was the parent taking my kids to Disney World. Jamie and I both went as  kids so it was surreal reliving it all through our own kids’ eyes. I know I’m almost 35 but I don’t feel like I thought I would as a 35 year old. I never realized when I was younger that I would basically feel like my 20 something (or even younger!) self only with more responsibilities as I aged, so now I imagine that people older than I am feel that too. I love the quote, “Grandmother’s are just antique little girls”. We all gather experiences and change physically and emotionally as we age but we’re all still young inside. We are basically all the same no matter what stage of life we’re in. Whew, that was all WAY off topic, sorry about that! Anyways, I feel really lucky to have been able to give my kids such an awesome trip and hopefully we will get back there before all the magic wears off!



2 Responses to “We Went to Disney World!”

  1. jessica Says:

    What a wonderful Disney adventure! Think these pics convinced me it’s time to for us to start saving and planning.

  2. Amanda Says:

    Great post, I love all the pictures. Now I want to plan a trip too, I think Nathan will have the same initial reaction. 🙂

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