The Real World: Wilmington

This is the true story … of four family members … who chose to move to the south … live together and have their lives blogged … to find out what happens … when people stop being polite … and start having babies … The Real World: Wilmington.

Happy 1st Birthday Sam! March 25, 2009

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Your future wife and in-laws wish you the happiest of birthdays!!! We can’t wait to help you celebrate some more when you visit in a couple weeks.


Remember when Elly and Sam met for the first time in October? Where is time going?!


Dinner With Elly March 19, 2009

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Just a typical dinner with Elly at the table. You might want to put on your rain gear before watching.


Leprechaunette March 17, 2009

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Kiss Me I'm Irish

Kiss Me I'm Irish

Me Green Toys

Me Green Toys

Me Bloomers

Me Bloomers


Lucky Seven March 14, 2009

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Elly turned 7 months old on March 12th, can you believe it!?



Belated 6 Month Check Up

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Elly had a check up with her pediatrician, who she should be starting to recognize since we visited him 3 times in one week recently. Because of that sickness her 6 month wellness visit was postponed until this week.

I had my long list of questions answered and Jamie had his question about Elly’s head answered.  It seems she may be starting to take after her Mommy in one area; height, which makes me feel a little guilty since I’ve told her on more than one occasion to stop growing so fast. We are happy to hear that she is continuing to develop right on track!



Elly in the frog exam room at 1 month


Elly in the same room at a day shy of 7 months



Sunshine and Strawberries

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Elly recently took her first airplane ride to Florida to visit her Great Mama, the original Elynor.  Before heading to the airport we dropped Otis off at the Dog Club, otherwise known as doggie heaven.

I hadn’t flown in several years so my fear of flying seemed to have intensified. Luckily I had some pills to make my flying experience more bearable, unfortunately I didn’t take them soon enough to feel their relaxing effects.  Jamie used his calm assertive energy to keep me on the plane (despite my tearful protests claiming I couldn’t possibly make it) as we waited for all to board. Some folks across the aisle in strong southern drawl noticed my anxieties, their advice: cocktails.


Elly traveled beautifully. We arrived to gorgeous weather and gracious Mama. During the weekend we spent time at Mama’s Country Club’s pool where Elly took her first swim. Elly also got to visit with her cousins, Denver (2) and Mason (10 months). Jamie went to a Nats Spring training game, something he’s always wanted to do.  One of the other highlights for me was eating strawberry shortcake because the strawberries were in season.




We are so glad we made the trip! It’s always great spending time with Mama, I love listening to her tell stories about her life. She has so much to share. She even taught Jamie a new skill; how to make fried eggs.