The Real World: Wilmington

This is the true story … of four family members … who chose to move to the south … live together and have their lives blogged … to find out what happens … when people stop being polite … and start having babies … The Real World: Wilmington.

Marley and Me Tips December 29, 2008

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After seeing Marley and Me I felt the need to help my readers (all 5 of you) through the traumatic experience of what you are about to witness on the big screen. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of adorable and funny parts in the film (Jamie is balking as I refer to Marley and Me as a film…) but there is also some of the most depressing stuff I have ever seen in a movie.  I read the book, I knew there was going to be a sad part, but I hoped they would sort of glaze over it, not the case here.


Tips to follow:  

-Don’t bring any sharp objects or an abundance of pills

-Wear waterproof mascara

-Park near the theater exit so as not to have as many people wondering if you just smoked a doobie because your eyes are so red

-Keep telling yourself it’s just a movie, it’s just a movie, oh wait, that’s not gonna work in this case

-Give your dog a big hug before you leave and when you get home 

If you have any other tips, feel free to leave them in the comments section.



Elly’s 4 Month Birthday and Check-up December 21, 2008

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     Elly celebrated her four month birthday on December 12th. At her check up we found out she weighs just over 14 pounds and is 24 inches long. She’s still above average in weight and height but not as much as she was at two months. She is meeting all her milestones and the pediatrician says we have a healthy baby!

     In the upcoming months we will look forward to introducing some solid foods and continuing to watch her grow and change.




Holiday Fun Part 4: The Gardens December 20, 2008

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We went to a nearyby garden for a special event where we viewed lots of festive lights, drank hot chocolate and saw model trains. 

The many non compliant young kids roaming about with their parents served as a reminder to enjoy Elly while she’s a sweet, innocent, baby who can’t yet shout the ever popular word among toddlers;  “no!”.

some of the enchantedness

some of the enchantedness

making a hefty wish

making a hefty wish


Santa Baby December 15, 2008

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For those of you who haven’t seen this shot yet, I hope it helps fill you with the Christmas spirit!

Even a stranger on Facebook had this to say about it:

“hiya i know u dont know me but i was looking 4 some1 and i came accross this picture and i just have 2 say how cute. i bet ur soo proud!! anyway have a great christmas x”

Holiday Fun Part 3: Elly and Santa

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Elly got all dressed up for her picture with Mr. Claus. I asked her if she told Santa what she wanted this year, and he said she already has everything she wants…I hope that’s true!



Holiday Fun Part 2: Otis Meets Santa December 9, 2008

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Picture it, the mall after hours, our black lab Otis, Santa and Jamie rolling his eyes in embarassment. If you haven’t guessed, it was Pet Night With Santa at our local mall.

Jamie humored me and came with Otis, Elly and I to the mall. I was curious and found the idea of Otis walking through the mall to get a picture with Santa hilarious.

Otis happily pulled Jamie along through the mall but once we got to Santa he suddenly became very timid so we had to put his little sister up there with him for moral support. As silly as this outing was, it was definitely worth it for the laugh we got along with the memory!



Holiday Fun Part 1: Tree Adventure

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Our holiday fun began with a trip to Lowe’s to get our Christmas tree.

Alert; Loews makes you tie your own tree to the roof of your car. For many, maybe this isn’t a big woop, for Jamie and I the opposite is true. As Jamie walked over to the car, a look of frustration on his face, he held up a bundle of string informing me that we were to use this to secure our tree.

Fast forward to us driving 20 mph home, certainly not stopping abruptly at yellow lights, getting dirty looks from other drivers, and with random bits of string hanging down in our faces.  

Of course we made it home just fine and our tree is beautiful! It makes our home feel so cozy and Christmas-y!