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This is the true story … of four family members … who chose to move to the south … live together and have their lives blogged … to find out what happens … when people stop being polite … and start having babies … The Real World: Wilmington.

Disney Countdown January 29, 2013

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We are leaving for Orlando this weekend, should be quite the road trip with Elly and Miles! We plan to get there in time to watch the Super Bowl then while Jamie works from our suite Monday and Tuesday I will be entertaining the kids. I have my fingers crossed that it will be warm enough to swim in the pool since it’s heated. My other ideas are Sea World and the Orlando Science Center which I read about online and looks fun for kids. Jamie thinks I’m crazy to even consider Sea World, but I think it would be fun. Although I am a little wary about spending the money on the tickets only to have to leave early due to meltdowns!

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we plan to go to Magic Kingdom!! We have never taken the kids to any kind of amusement park so it should be interesting to see how it all plays out. I’m excited that we’re giving it a try and spending the week together on vacation in a warm place! Wish us luck!

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Pinterest Christmas January 11, 2013

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I know Christmas already feels like eons ago but I wanted to share some things I pinned to my Christmas pinboard and actually tried out with success during the holiday season. In our advent calendar pockets I wrote a different holiday themed activity or outing for each day. Lucky for me Elly can’t read yet because some days I wasn’t prepared for what I had written down so I’d have to switch it up at the last minute! Not saying I don’t want her to ever learn to read but for now I will enjoy the parental benefits.

Christmas Tree Cones: I let the kids spread green icing on a sugar cone then decorate it with Skittles. They loved this one!

resize tree 2

resize tree

Thumbprint Candy Cane Card: Elly made these for her teachers, they were super cute!


Felt Christmas Tree: This was easy to make and Miles played with it a lot. I used cookie cutters to trace ornament shapes onto the felt. The tree was cut from about a yard of green felt and I just used packaging tape to put in on the wall. Mine was simpler than the one pictured, I didn’t embelish my ornaments but it still turned out great.


Ornaments on Cake Stands: My Christmas decor needed updating so I was happy to use some things I already had ar0und the house to spruce it up!


Hot Cocoa Bar: This was another one where I used things I already had around the house. It gave the kitchen a cozy feel and we definitely enjoyed more hot chocolate because of it!



Dressing Up January 10, 2013

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One day Jamie and I were talking in the living room while Elly and Miles were playing happily in the other room. They were so content in there and had been playing nicely for a while. Then we hear the pitter patter of little feet heading our way and when we look over these two beauties walk in. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time and this picture doesn’t even do the moment justice.
resize dress up

Miles pretty much wants to do everything big sis does which includes dressing up like a princess, doing arabesques, and yelling “cheerleader!” every time they show one on the screen during football games. Ah, life with a big sister.