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Miles is 20 Months! June 28, 2012

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Wow, Miles is 20 months old. That’s only four months away from being two. I know, I’m really good at math, you don’t have to tell me, I get it all the time when people see me counting on my fingers and carrying the one as I attempt to configure tips. Miles is our adorable, funny, loving, smart, fast, rascally boy!

Fun Facts About Miles:

1. His head growth has continued to level off and his development is going well!

2. Speaking of development, his speech has started to catch up to where it should be. He had his hearing tested and all is good. Lately he’s been saying more and more which is so fun! I think he says 20 or so words at this point and is imitating more as well. Some of his faves:

  • bool=pool
  • mama=me or Jamie (we cannot get him to say Dada, we think he’s messing with us)
  • uh oh, probably his most used word
  • eat=eat or feet
  • more
  • ish=fish
3. He makes kissing sounds and loves giving kisses. He is such a little love bug!
4. He’s a little rascal. He’s figured out how to open the oven, he pulls hair, pushes, and has been known to bite. He likes to climb. He thinks it’s funny when we tell him to stop doing something. BUT, just one of his kisses makes me forget about all of this so he’s got it made.
5. He loves Elly. I often see him giving her spontaneous hugs and kisses. At the same time, if she messes with him or his stuff when he doesn’t want her to he will screech as loud as he can. Jamie’s secretly hoping he’ll shatter our flatscreen so he can upgrade.
6. He likes to ‘eat, eat, eat’. He eats more than Elly these days but as much as he likes to eat, he isn’t always a fan of veggies. When he likes something he says ‘yum’ and he’s got some mean fork and spoon skills.
7. Now you see him, now you don’t. That boy is fast! When we were packing up the car for our last trip things were a little chaotic, next thing I know Miles has opened the door and is outside! Luckily our neighbor was right there, or maybe unluckily since he saw me frantically run out there after him and is now most likely contemplating reporting me to social services.
8. He loves the water and has no fear. He will happily put his face in the pool or ocean, which is kind of a problem because he tries to drink it up!
9. He still loves Otis to bits. Otis is what I use to distract Miles when he’s doing things like trying to open the oven. Thank you Otis, I forgive you for the billions of hairs you shed daily all over the house.
10. Miles is a good sleeper. We’ve mostly dropped his morning nap but he still takes a long afternoon nap and goes to sleep at night with no problems. Just like his sister when she was a babe, he loves his paci, which may be why he doesn’t mind spending time in his crib.
Miles is so loved. I can’t get enough of him! I cherish the nights I get to put him to bed, I adore that quiet cuddle time when we read and sing together, it’s bliss.

One Response to “Miles is 20 Months!”

  1. Emily nemes Says:

    Christine, I loved the update! He is edible!

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