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This is the true story … of four family members … who chose to move to the south … live together and have their lives blogged … to find out what happens … when people stop being polite … and start having babies … The Real World: Wilmington.

Miles at 9 and 10 Months August 29, 2011

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Our baby boy is changing right before our eyes. I really can’t believe how quickly the changes are coming these days. Now that I’m feeling healthier than before I am trying to really enjoy each moment with him since I wasn’t always able to be in the present during previous months. And boy is he keeping me on my toes!

9 Months

Current Interesting Facts About Miles (note, these facts are only interesting if you are his Mommy or Grandma)

  • His bottom 2 teeth have come through! This is exciting because Elly didn’t get teeth until almost 12 months, Miles is an advanced teether in our family with them showing up at 10 months.
  • He crawls, fast, on his belly which is a crowd pleaser at parties. Apparently it’s not the traditional way to crawl but he seems perfectly content with it. Elly crawled the same way so it must be in the genes.
  • He loves trouble: playing with doors, finding cords, pulling things out of outlets, crawling into the dishwasher while reaching for the knives, eating mulch…these are just a few of his favorite past times.
  • He pulls up to standing on most things in his path and has started a little cruising. We shared a room with him over the weekend and he stood up almost immediately after being put down to sleep each night. We’re proud of him for meeting this milestone but at 2am it’s no longer cute!
  • He claps and dances.  So adorable I can barely stand thinking about it right now.
  • He makes all sorts of sounds and maybe attempts words like Mama, Dada, more, balloon and bottle, but really all that could be a figment of our imaginations.
  • He loves water and the beach but if you turn your back he will have a mouthful of sand, and shells.
  • He’s a great eater and especially loves finger foods, even making an attempt to eat some dog food.
  • He continues to be big, weighing in at 23.7  pounds and his clothes are size 12-18 months.

    10 months, sharing Elly's 3rd b-day cake

I now relate to all those parents who post things on facebook like ‘so and so won’t stop crawling into the dishwasher’ or ‘so and so just ate dog food’. These are things Elly didn’t do. She listened to the word no from an early age and for the most part didn’t get into things she wasn’t allowed to play with. Not sure if it’s a boy thing or a second child thing or a Miles thing but we have to watch him like a hawk because he seems to be on somewhat of the adventurous side. At the same time though, I’d call him a pretty laid back baby. He doesn’t cry a lot and he certainly smiles a lot. He’s also been a good sleeper since about 7 months. But changing that boys diaper often reminds me of those videos you see of people holding an alligator’s tail with the gator spinning repeatedly. As far as the benign external hydrocephalus goes, he hasn’t had any big spikes in head growth and his development is on track so our pediatrician and pediatric neurologist are perfectly content, as are we! We love our sweet baby Miles and I seriously can’t give him enough snuggles and kisses each day!


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