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Little Beach Trip August 24, 2011

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I apologize to my huge audience for being MIA lately. A strawberry party I was planning, a little boy on the move, and being an active participant in life again (!!!!) have made blogging difficult lately. Then once I felt overwhelmed with how behind I was, I just started avoiding the blog (aside from coming on it to obsessively watch Elly’s ballet video). I will start catching you up here:

In July we decided to take a family trip for a couple nights so we chose a beach about an hour away. This trip was kind of a big deal because as Jamie pointed out once we crossed the bridge out of town, it was my first time away from Wilmington in months. Probably not the best thing to say to someone with my type of issues, but I know he meant it in an ‘I’m happy and proud of you’ way. 

I loved the beach and our little beachfront hotel. To Elly’s delight, the hotel had an indoor and outdoor pool. Two pools in one place! She about passed out from sheer joy. I think she really fell in love with the ocean on this trip too because Jamie strapped her floatie on her and took her out to swim and ‘catch’ waves. She literally tried to catch the waves with her hand. Jamie had to resist the urge to body surf each wave that went by, it was a real challenge for a body surfing champ like himself.

We ate dinner both nights picnic style on the hotel grounds with take out from local restaurants and even took advantage of the free breakfast at our hotel. In our pre kids days we never made it in time to the free breakfast and even if we were up, we’d always choose to go out someplace we’d heard was cool instead. Not these days! A make your own waffle station and a juice machine, bring it on!  

no vegan cheese to be found

Elly really wanted to check out the pier. There were a bunch of people fishing and we even saw a guy catch a fish that he showed to Elly. Quote by very southern young gentleman, “He’s fixin’ to become bait in a minute.”  Thankfully she doesn’t know what putt putt is yet so the trip to the pier was as touristy as we got.

Our short family vacay was perfect, even if we all did share a room. It showed me that I am ok outside of my little bubble. I know the more I travel the easier it will become for me, exposure therapy y’all, it works!


One Response to “Little Beach Trip”

  1. Rob Says:

    All the pics are great, but that first one of Ellie and Miles is a classic. It sounds like you had a fun getaway and I’m glad you guys are doing well.

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