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Fairy Princess School July 17, 2011

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Elly took part in a “Fairy Princess Camp” which she went to for three days from 9-12:30. It was for kids ages three to six but since Elly is just weeks away from being three they let her participate. We’ve been homebound more than usual this summer so I had been looking for something fun and social that Elly could do and this seemed like something she’d be interested in because she loves dressing up as a fairy princess and dancing at home.

Our independent girl was surprisingly reluctant when it came time for me to leave her at camp, so each morning I stayed a few minutes to help her with the transition and then she was fine. Her tears caught me off guard that first day and I had to fight the natural urge to wrap her up in my arms and take her back home. I’m glad we were both strong.

There was a huge payoff on the last day in the form of a recital that more than made up for any tears that were shed. Oh my word. I would not have been able to wipe the smile off my face during the show if someone had paid me a million dollars. I was beaming at the sight of my little girl getting up in front of an audience and performing. Elly seemed proud of herself too and loved hearing us compliment her. I think she loved the flavored ice from Rita’s to celebrate her performance more than anything else though. Due to my recently developed addiction to frozen custard I didn’t mind helping her celebrate.

Elly got air!


3 Responses to “Fairy Princess School”

  1. Michelle Capozzoli Says:

    I kind of want to sign up for Fairy Princess School. It looks awesome! Will they accept 33 year olds? Elly looks adorable!!!!

  2. Jenny Says:

    What an adorable video!!! Henry will be watching it first thing tomorrow! LOVE it!

  3. Kate Says:

    Adorable! What a big girl! I cannot wait to see you all!!!

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