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Miles is BIG June 22, 2011

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We took Miles to the pediatrician recently to have his head measured and to make sure he’s still developmentally on track, all is well! We have a 22 pound 8 month old.

We celebrated 8 months on June 12th

  • He’s a good eater, I think pears are his favorite. He’s also tried his first finger food; puffs.
  • He sleeps through the night, every night. I didn’t know babies could be like this!
  • He’s pretty laid back and can entertain himself with toys but of course loves lots of attention too.
  • He’s developed some stranger anxiety.
  • He makes all kinds of fun sounds, we love hearing him ‘talk’ and laugh.
  • He’s very entertained by other kids, especially big sis. She was making him laugh in the car the other day and my heart just about burst.
  • He seems to be getting closer to crawling, he’s been up on all fours several times and I’ve also seen him traveling backwards.

I must be improving because I was up for cake making this month! It was really hard to get a shot of Miles not trying to grab at the cake. We eventually let him explore a bit making sure he didn’t try to eat his messy hands!

Here’s the big guy trying to figure out what he’s supposed to do with a puff.


6 Responses to “Miles is BIG”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Adorable!!!! Love those big babies!

    Great work on the cake too! xoxo

  2. jessica Says:

    Happy 8 sweet Miles! Sam was also 22 lbs at 8mo.

  3. Melissa Says:

    What a cutie! And I just LOVE the cake!!

  4. That cake was awesome.

  5. Kat Hall Says:

    Hi there,
    I came across your blog when I was googling beingn external hydrocephalus. My 4month old has been diagnosed with it recently. Its great to see that Miles looks so normal- I keep freaking out that Faith (my daughters) is going to look really abnormal, and that he can lift his head well – I wonder whether she will ever manage it. I’m glad you found a supportive church. I’ve had to rely on a lot of prayer since they picked up that her head was abnormal on my 20wk scan when I was pregnant – hence her name!
    Thanks again for sharing – I’ve found it really encouraging, I wish you and Miles all the best,

    • Christine Says:

      hey kat, i am so glad you found my post :o)…i know there’s not much out there on BEH. i have found a facebook group for BEH if you want to check that out as well. i am happy to say that miles is still doing great! he’s is developmentally on track and his head hasn’t had any spikes in growth since the diagnoses, so hopefully we will continue on that path. i am so in love with my big guy! i know how hard it is though always having that little worry in the back of your head and it’s hard to stay patient sometimes when people make comments about the size of his head. our neuro was pretty confident that miles is going to be just fine. since he’s started crawling recently one thing we have noticed is he bumps his noggin into things more easily, i think because he doesn’t realize it’s on the larger size ;o). i will be thinking about you and faith hoping that she continues on the right track and that you are at peace :o)

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