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Five Months Old March 24, 2011

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Our lucky charm turned five months old on March 12th.  We celebrated with some green cake and luckily, for my soon to be in a bathing suit body, shared most of it with family since we were up in VA at the time.

All about our Miles:

  • He weighs around 19 pounds (at only 5 months, that’s big!).
  • He rolls over all the time and I still get excited each time he does it.
  • He enjoys exploring toys, two of his faves are Jacques the Peacock and Whoozit Baby Tizoo.
  • He grabs at his big sis anytime she’s within reach and she loves it!
  • He is one smiley baby.
  • He’s working on sleeping in longer stretches at night since he’s reverted back to his old ways lately. (I literally just yawned. Because I’m tired. Not because my writing is boring. This is exciting stuff ya’ll!)
  • He loves interacting with people, being held and seems content being out and about. You’re welcome older ladies around town.
  • He is cuh-ute, has very kissable cheeks, and the softest peach fuzz covered head ever, which Elly rubs while saying she’s petting him.

Speaking of Miles’s head, it has grown at a fast rate. At his four month appointment I kind of blacked out as our doctor told me he thought the bones were fusing together too quickly then told me he was ordering a CT.  Miles was a trooper during the scan but we found out he has extra fluid in his brain (not the original issue the doctor brought up) so we’re heading to Duke soon to see a pediatric neurologist in order to gather more information and find out what our next steps should be. I guess I’m putting this out there because I would love all the positive vibes we’re able to get.  So, thoughts/prayers/magic, whatever your thing, please send it Miles’s way, we’d really appreciate it. We are focusing on how happy, healthy, and on track our little guy is, I am so thankful for that everyday.


4 Responses to “Five Months Old”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Enjoyed your update! When will you be going to Duke? I’ll be keeping Miles in prayer. God can and does heal. If there is anything I can help you with please don’t hesitate to call or email me. Hydrocephalus is treatable and many people function well with it. My good friend in Baltimore has it and is seeing a specialist in Baltimore @ UMMC. Vanderbilt in TN is also a Center of Excellence. Thanks for the updates Miles is certainly a cutie.

  2. Kristin Says:

    Let me know if you all need place to stay while visitng Duke. We will definitely be praying for your little guy. He is soooo adorable and a tough little guy. Hang in there.

  3. jessica Says:

    Sending loads of positive thoughts your way today. I have a feeling he is just like his pal Sam. He is so lovable.

  4. Jenny Says:

    He is a doll!! Maybe I wouldn’t mind having a boy afterall! He just looks so hugable and cuddly! Good luck with the upcoming appointment. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and I bet everything is just fine. He’s lucky to have such a caring mom.

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