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Counting Cutie and Cake January 24, 2011

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I went out for a couple hours and Elly decided to do this at home for the first time…

Jamie and I were very impressed because her counting typically goes something like, “one, two, seven, ten!”.  We were getting concerned that she had inherited my math skills. Now there’s hope that she will take after Rain Man, otherwise known as her Daddy, the human calculator.

This is what I was up to while our mathematician was showing off her skills.

As a Christmas gift, Jamie signed me up for a cake decorating class, which was so thoughtful. It’s fun pursuing an interest and also getting out a short bit each week knowing Elly and Miles are having some fun with Daddy. Next time you see Jamie ask him to sing you the ‘Big Turkey Little Chicken’ song he made up to get Elly to eat her dinner. It’s a classic tune complete with loud chicken and turkey sounds.  If we’re lucky it will make it onto Jamie’s ‘Best of 2011’ play list.

We’ve had cake almost every night for about two weeks, and we’ll have a freshly baked and decorated one on Tuesday. We are a couple of addicts over here. I’m feeling a little uneasy tonight because we gave our last piece of cake to my brother yesterday, guess this antioxidant rich bar of dark chocolate will have to do. I’m such a health nut.


One Response to “Counting Cutie and Cake”

  1. Jenny Says:

    That’s awesome you are taking cake decorating classes! No wonder your cakes always look great! What a great gift!

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