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Two Merry Months December 16, 2010

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Miles turned two months old on December 12th so we made him a cake for the sole reason of capturing it on film. We didn’t eat any of his cake that night because we went to a Christmas party where we enjoyed lots of sweets, including chocolate cake. Not to worry, we’ve been eating a little of his cake everyday since. Note to self, the holiday season is not the most realistic time to drop baby weight. Looks like I will have the never before thought of by anyone else New Years resolution of getting in shape in 2011.

Miles is getting so big (weighing in at 13.1 lbs) and I love all his new baby pudge, but I am ready for him to stop growing so fast. I will guiltily admit that in the early days of having Miles home I was wishing time would speed up because I was so overwhelmed with taking care of him and Elly but now I’m in a better place, and he’s become more content outside the womb, so I want him to stay a snuggly baby for a long while.  

We are having so much fun cuddling with him, watching him become more aware of the things and people around him, and having conversations filled with various coos, gurgles and grunts with him. His little smile makes me melt as does watching big sis give him hugs and kisses, although we’ve had to put those on hold lately due to the massive amount of snot that continuously vacates Elly’s nose these days. We love you Miles and are looking forward to helping you celebrate your first Christmas!


4 Responses to “Two Merry Months”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I love that you put Miles in the Bumbo at 2 months old. I did the same thing. Though my kids didn’t have the girth or strength to hold themselves up quite as well!!

    • Christine Says:

      we had elly in there at 2 months too, my kids have enough chunk to make it work :o). if he’s having trouble holding his head i put a little cloth behind it to prop it up!

  2. jessica Says:

    What a cutie in that handsome boy outfit! And that cakes looks yummy. Can’t wait to meet Miles and have Sam & Elly reunite in a couple weeks.

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