The Real World: Wilmington

This is the true story … of four family members … who chose to move to the south … live together and have their lives blogged … to find out what happens … when people stop being polite … and start having babies … The Real World: Wilmington.

Getting to Know Miles November 20, 2010

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We celebrated Miles’ 1 month birthday on November 12th.  It really doesn’t feel like a month has gone by, it feels more like time has stood still since his arrival. Maybe that’s because we’ve been so busy getting to know him and learning how to best care for two kids, which is no easy task!  I feel like we are starting to get into a routine and the chaos and overwhelming feelings that we felt when first being home with our two little ones are lessening. Each day brings new challenges and new joys and despite the difficult times I feel really lucky to be able to be home to take care of my babies.

Celebrating 1 month at Red Robin, a family tradition

 Now, back to Miles, he’s long and lean, actually had a little trouble putting on weight at first, but it seems we are now in the clear because he packed on 6 ounces in 4 days a while back! Hopefully he’ll continue to put some meat on those bones, especially his skinny little legs.

1 month treats

Miles spends a lot of time sleeping, during the day at least, and a lot of time eating. He is thankfully getting more content living outside of my belly because his crying has subsided in a huge way. Jamie and I were wondering how in the world we were going to remain sane at first because if he was awake he was crying! He still has his moments, but we are usually able to calm him down. He loves movement and being held.

We have been blessed with another happy, healthy and sweet baby. I’ve been eating up the few precious smiles he’s thrown my way lately. We look forward watching his personality emerge over the months and enjoying every stage that he goes through!


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