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Life Post Passie September 8, 2010

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We followed our pediatrician’s advice and introduced Elly to life without her pacifier. Damn those experts on children’s health and well being.

Night 1: It took Elly over three hours to finally fall asleep. She was hysterically crying and could only be soothed by Jamie or I taking turns laying on the floor of her room (uh oh, NEW crutch alert!). Not a pretty (or comfortable) picture at this stage of pregnancy. She finally dozed off with Jamie on the floor and slept most of the night, getting up earlier than her usual time. We discovered that Jamie has an amazing gift for blocking out Elly’s cries whereas I pretty much lose all ability to function as a ‘normal’ human.

Night 2: It only took about an hour for Elly to fall asleep, this time without Jamie or I in the room, victory, plus I am getting better at waiting 10 minute intervals to go in and check on her. All was grand until she woke up throwing up. We ran in and took her downstairs where we stayed up with her until around 1. After she’d been barf free for an hour, we had her sleep in the pack and play in our room. We discovered that Jamie has another amazing gift, skilled quickness at catching Elly’s barf.   

All the nights after that: It has taken anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours for Elly to fall asleep and she continues to wake up earlier than she used to, with several wake ups in the night as well. Nap time has become a struggle too. It usually takes hours for her to doze off, with a couple days of skipped naps altogether. Her new crutches are being rocked for a few minutes before bed/nap, which I love,  and sleeping with the door part way open, which is a problem because sound really carries in this house.

Elly used to sleep 11/12 hours a night and take a two-hour nap each day, happily. She is now averaging much less than that which seems to cause her two-year-old characteristics to come out stronger, and I’m not necessarily talking about the cute ones, although she is still cute of course (my totally unbiased opinion). I’m talking about the way two-year-olds turn everything into a battle. Time for bath, no! Time for a new diaper, no! Time to sit and eat dinner, no! You get the idea…

Are messed up teeth really that bad of a thing? Jamie and I both endured braces, so maybe she’s destined to have teeth trouble anyways. Would it really be that bad if she was the only kid at college who needed her pacifier to fall asleep? It’s been just over a week and I’m already weakening…when I am faced with newborn tired  in less than 5 weeks I really don’t know if I can hold strong! But, for now, I will hold out hope that Elly will be able to learn to sooth herself to sleep with only her ‘big girl passie’ (passie which has been cut that she still insists on sleeping with), blankets, and stuffed animals to comfort her.  

Some popular quotes Elly yells from her crib these days:

“I want get out!”

“No like the crib.”

“Cover blankie.” (if it comes off her feet she will yell for us to come cover her up again)

“I want stay awake!”

“Big girl passie fall down!” (if the passie falls out of the crib)


3 Responses to “Life Post Passie”

  1. Grandma Mottram Says:

    Awww, poor Elly… and really – poor Elly’s parents! Rest assured, this too shall pass! Of course, you can always weaken… have you ever seen a kindergartner with a pacifier? And, our boys never wanted a pacy and all three had braces! So, go figure! As a doting Grandma, my vote is… give it back! But, that’s just silly Grandma giving in to Elly’s every little whim! Really, she is still a baby herself – what do pediatrician’s know??!!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Poor Elly! I am not looking forward to the day when I take Julianna’s away. It’s great that you are just enough ahead of me that I check your blog and realize what I need to be doing next! Although, I am leaving the passy one alone for a good while. I need sleep! Good for you for staying strong and not giving in. It will all work out in the end!

  3. jessica Says:

    are you sure Elly’s play phone isn’t a real phone b/c I think she’s been talking to Sam :). Hang in there!

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