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Little Surfer Girl Party August 26, 2010

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Some of you may know that I go a little nutso over birthdays. Jamie has definitely learned this over the years and always makes my birthday so special because he loves me…and probably because he also fears me and my crazy love of birthdays a bit. It’s not shocking that now that I’m a Mom I go a little crazy over Elly’s birthdays, well, the two that she’s had thus far.  There are only so many birthdays that I’ll get to celebrate with her (womp, womp…) so I want to make them special and planning her party has become a fun creative outlet for me.  

This year our theme was ‘Little Surfer Girl’ which suits Elly perfectly since she loves the beach. We started with these adorable invites. 

I was able to find some luau type decorations and made a birthday banner to match all the bright beachy colors. My Mom was nice enough to make me some table runners in a fabric that I liked. I think she may stop coming to visit a few days ahead of Elly’s parties now that she knows she will be appointed my party planning assistant who gets stuck with jobs like cutting fruit and veggies…the types of things I am more than happy to give up control on. 




We ordered bbq from one of our favorite places down here and made some side dishes to go with it. I found these cute and edible surfboard cupcake toppers on Etsy, love them! Guests also enjoyed some surfboard shaped cookies and rice krispies treats shaped like fish and starfish, yum. Although by the time I finished decorating those cookies I’m not sure how tasty they were anymore, sugar overload! 



We displayed some beachy framed pictures of Elly along with her scrapbook which I make through Another sentimental touch was a birthday book by Dr. Seuss for everyone to sign and write a message in for Elly (thanks to Jessica for this idea!). We had a slide show with pics from the past year, I managed to cut it down to about 5 minutes, compared to last year’s show which lasted 10! I’m sure the party guests were very thankful for this. ‘Surfer Girl’ by the Beach Boys was one of the songs we used for the show. 


The kids at the party went on a shell hunt in the backyard. I remembered how much fun Elly had hunting for eggs so I was hopeful this would be an easy activity for the little ones to enjoy and it went pretty well despite our lack of grass. 


Elly now understands what a present is and stayed pretty focused on opening the plethora of gifts she received, she got spoiled by family and friends, thank you!! We were lucky to have so much family in town to help Elly celebrate turning two. She loved being surrounded by all her favorite people! 

super excited about silly bandz!

her new kitchen

little drummer girl

Thank you to everyone who helped make celebrating Elly’s 2nd birthday special and fun! I hope all your birthdays are just as sweet as Elly’s was! 



3 Responses to “Little Surfer Girl Party”

  1. Dkeat Says:

    Looked like a blast. This reminds me: did mom ever send in her ‘thoughts & wishes’ for Elly from last year’s birthday party?

  2. Ain’t no party like an Elly party. Seriously.

  3. Jenny Says:

    LOVE the theme!! You are my inspiration! Julianna may get a whimpy party again this year, but Katie, on the other hand will not! This may be the last year I can get away with it with Julianna! She is too cute with her pink cheeks. Opening presents is hard work!

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