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More Balloon Trauma July 12, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Christine @ 9:34 pm

No, I did not let another balloon from Harris Teeter fly away (Elly will still tell you the story, complete with reminder that Mommy did it). I’m pretty sure that will never happen again due to the wrapping and re-wrapping I do with the ribbon around my hand and wrist before we even set foot out of the grocery store ever since the incident.

Elly discovered that balloons can pop. I can only imagine how scary that is for a child the first time their balloon makes that loud, surprising, unmistakable popping noise. Something that she thought only brought happiness (unless Mommy lets it fly away that is) brought her the opposite.

We were driving home from the grocery store with a pink balloon that we had to request someone blow up for us after Elly asked for the 8 millionth time for a balloon. I had a mini celebration in my head as I do every time I successfully get a balloon in the car from Harris Teeter. Jamie happened to be with us and as I was driving we suddenly hear the loud pop followed by Elly’s sobs. The girl isn’t known to have all that many crying fits, but this did her in.

I immediately thought, oh no, another balloon trauma, if I hadn’t scarred her before, this will certainly send her over the edge! But, after she calmed down she accepted our explanation that sometimes balloons pop and break. And I have heard minimal retellings of this event, unlike the balloon flying away event. Maybe it’s because she got out all her sadness right away whereas when the balloon flew away she took it like a champ. Who knows, toddlers are mysterious (and wonderful) creatures.


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