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Memorial Day Weekend June 2, 2010

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Thank you to all those who have served, are serving or have given their lives for our country. I am in awe of the amount of self-sacrifice that goes into being part of our military and appreciate all that you do.

We took advantage of Papa’s pool since the beach would have been too crowded for us on Sunday. Elly had fun swimming and being thrown in the air by Jamie.

Jamie and I decided to put Elly down for her nap over there so we could have a little time to relax poolside. We brought the pack and play but forgot the other items that Elly counts on to happily fall asleep; teddy, dog and the all-star of the group, passie. We frantically searched the car for a stray passie, no luck. Then searched Papa’s house and found one! Three very soapy, very hot water, washes later, I let Elly use it. Elly wasn’t too happy about napping someplace new but eventually she fell asleep and I was able to read a book by the pool, aaaaaahhhh.   

On Monday we braved the beach hoping that people would have headed home by then. It was more crowded than usual but we lucked out with parking and had a great day. Elly stayed very busy filling up a hole Jamie dug with water and playing in the sand.

We finished the weekend with a cookout where Elly enjoyed some watermelon, as you can see she doesn’t waste one bit of it!


One Response to “Memorial Day Weekend”

  1. jessica Says:

    SO cute! We can’t wait to join you at the beach in 2 wks. Watchout, Sam can eat an entire watermelon if we let him so he & Elly will get along just fine :).

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