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Garden Concert May 25, 2010

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    We went to a park for an outdoor concert and also enjoyed a picnic, my kind of fun (Uncle Chris, I know you’re still upset you missed it!).  We sat in a soft green grassy field next to a huge tree dripping with Spanish moss so the setting was real nice.

Slight tangent, I have become a little obsessed with grass lately (the legal kind) because our backyard is in dire need of some. A big portion of our yard is pretty much a dirt pit which makes for one messy lab, one messy toddler and one Mommy who can’t keep up with all that dirt that gets in the house! SO, I was loving sitting in that grassy field not having to constantly beg Elly to stop playing in the dirt, aaaahh relaxation.

We ate some dinner, listened to music, and enjoyed the scenery and weather. But, my favorite part of the night was watching Elly dance (the grass was a close second).


One Response to “Garden Concert”

  1. Jenny Says:

    What a cutie!! I love the trying to jump but getting no air thing she has going! She looks totally different in the other post with her pigtails. So grown up and cute, cute, cute!!

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