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Taking Elly Out to the Ballgame March 17, 2010

Filed under: Dads,Sports — Jamie Mottram @ 8:03 pm

When I find myself on Elly duty I ask, “What should we do today that I’ll enjoy the most?”* So it was on Sunday that Elly and I went to a UNCW baseball game.

* Note: This is why I take her to record stores with me. It’s also why I’m up for Dad of the Year.

We arrived late, and, since UNCW baseball doesn’t draw a crowd, sat down behind home plate. Fortunately for both of us, there was room for Elly to roam in search of treasure (i.e. rocks). We were also next to some grandparents who a) knew everything about UNCW baseball and b) loved entertaining Elly. Double bonus.

So she was happy and I was content as the game settled into a pitchers duel. Tied in the bottom of the ninth, UNCW’s leadoff man sent one high into the blue-gray sky and over the fence for a walk-off home run. Elly cheered along with everyone else and was even allowed onto the field after the game with the other kids — they ran the bases, she played in the on-deck circle.

It was a good day. I hope for many more like it.


5 Responses to “Taking Elly Out to the Ballgame”

  1. Andy Says:

    Nothing says “Play Ball” like pink uniforms and Uggs. Only thing missing is a pink glove. Oh i forgot she has one of those.

  2. We had the pink glove with us, but she mostly used it to hold the rocks that she got.

  3. Grandma Says:

    So adorable! And, glad to see she takes after her Daddy’s love of baseball!!

  4. jessica Says:

    Sooo cute! We’ll need to check that out spring break 2011. Sam just got a toddler t-ball set so we’ll bring it to the beach, if it fits in our 4dr. sedan with an infant, toddler, dog & a week’s worth of who knows what!

  5. Dkeat Says:

    More posts please.

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