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Elly’s Belly March 14, 2010

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Elly has some very distinctive physical characteristics; her beautiful smile, her sparkling blue eyes, her kissable cheeks, her adorable…potbelly. 

Lately her belly has been getting lots of attention. It seems everywhere we go someone has something to say about the roundness of it.  When I joked to Jamie that her belly looks like mine did when I was when pregnant with Elly he was quick to point out it’s not nearly that bad. Her pants have to sit below the belly and sometimes her shirts barely cover it! Girl, I remember those days.

People love the belly, as do we, but sometimes when we look at it after meal it’s hard not to wonder if it’s normal for her belly to be that extended. I will confess, I recently googled something along the lines of ‘bloated toddler belly’ and just like any other time I’ve googled a health concern it didn’t go so well.  Like when I had an isolated case of hives and the internet convinced me that I had an autoimmune disease. How does Jamie deal with my craziness?! Thank goodness his calm energy is there to balance me out a bit.

So, I added protruding belly to my list of topics to address with the pediatrician at her 18 month appointment. I’m pretty sure I noticed his eyes bug out a bit when he saw my long list which I tried to cover up a little too late.  He too has had to endure my craziness over the past 18 months, but at least he’s getting paid and I’m sure he’s heard it all and has had to deal with much more neurotic moms than myself, right!?


One Response to “Elly’s Belly”

  1. Abby Says:

    Looks JUST like Hadley’s so no concern! She too has a BRAND NEW SHIRT i put on today and it barely covered her belly. I just assume she has a long torso 🙂

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