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Cocoa Powder Equals Speed February 17, 2010

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When I entered my family room the aroma of chocolate filled the air, how pleasant, you must be thinking. Then I looked down to see cocoa powder all over the carpet leading up to the severely damaged container which had a big gaping hole in it. Otis!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a grocery bag of ingredients to make a Valentine’s treat for Jamie sitting on one of our kitchen chairs. Our rascal of a dog somehow fished the sealed up container of cocoa out, carried it into the family room, then went to town until he reached his treasure, unsweetened cocoa powder.

I called the emergency vet and for once was glad Otis is slightly overweight since big dogs can ingest a larger amount of chocolate before it’s considered toxic. There were around 5 ounces missing andI learned that’s below the toxic limit for a dog of Otie’s size.

There was one side effect from that cocoa though, Otis turned into even more of a crazed maniac than he usually is. Typically he is a bump on a log during the evening hours, but not on this particular night. He was running circles in the yard and running all over the house. At one point he jumped directly on top of Jamie then plopped down on him. I opened the front door to check on him while he was in the yard. He was on the porch and he was so jittery that when he heard the door open he fell off the porch into a bush! All through the night he was in and out of our bed and up and down the stairs. We were a little scared of our possessed dog. I called the vet again and was told that all this was normal.

By the next evening Otis was back to his normal, situational-ly hyper, self.

Here are the buried cherry cookies, yum!


3 Responses to “Cocoa Powder Equals Speed”

  1. “situational-ly hyper” = hilarious

    “buried cherry cookies” = delicious

  2. Jenny Squire Says:

    Funny! I had no idea chocolate was toxic for dogs. Good thing I don’t have one! I also didn’t know it could have that effect on them. I seriously laughed right out loud! My favorite part was falling off the proch into a bush–very funny!

  3. Jenny Says:


    Glad that Otis is doing ok now!

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