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Beach Baby to Snow Angel February 2, 2010

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Elly learned a new word: snow. She experienced it for the second time in her life when we were visiting family and friends in Virginia. She loved watching it fall all day and feeling it as it was tracked in by Otis.

just starting to snow

early snowfall

We dressed her in a snowsuit that my Mom had bought for one of my nephews, hence the little boy in the pictures below. She was warm and toasty, but immediately pulled off her mittens, which is standard practice for Elly. At first she was thrilled to be outside! Then she put her hands in the snow; strangely she didn’t take to the burning sensation that follows touching something that cold. It took about 15 minutes to get all our gear on for about 2 minutes of ‘play’ time in the snow (play meaning she stood there with tears streaming and boogies aplenty asking to be picked up).


The next day we decided to try again and this time made it a little harder for her to get her mittens off. She squealed with delight as she watched Otis play fetch in the snow and she liked walking around in the powdery white stuff. With how bundled-up she was she couldn’t really bend her knees or arms, so it was more like watching a mini-Frankenstein walk. She also took the occasional spill, the type of fall where you have to fight the urge to yell ‘timber!’ because she’d topple right over like a tower of blocks. She handled snow to the face surprisingly well, probably because she enjoyed eating it so much.

Jamie got creative and turned a recycling bin into a sled, newspapers and all, which allowed Elly to multitask and check the status of her Pampers and Sesame Street stocks as she was being pulled back up the hill. Elly was straight chillin’ in that sled and kept insisting on more at the bottom of each massive run.

Otis in the snow is a lot like Otis at the beach or Otis in any sort of new situation; he becomes crazed. I’m not sure which of our two children loved the snow more. I’m thankful we got to experience some winter fun and I definitely got my fix. Now, can you please bring on beach season, Mother Nature?


One Response to “Beach Baby to Snow Angel”

  1. Aimee Says:

    Elly, glad you enjoyed the snow so much. You are so sweet!

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