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Parties December 22, 2009

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We have been lucky enough to attend several parties this month. Elly is a social butterfly so she has been loving December. Little does she know, the best is yet to come! 

Party #1 

Elly went to a friend’s 3rd birthday party at Fit for Fun, which is a center for kids 5 and under to play and do various activities.  Elly especially loved driving all the cars and playing in the ball pit. Daddy even got in on the fun and wore the crown that Elly helped to make. We got her friend a Fancy Nancy book along with a Fancy Nancy boa for dressing up. 



Party #2 

We attended a holiday party at Auntie Heather’s house. She is a wonderful baker and I first experienced her sweet treats during late pregnancy, so I blame her for how swollen I got there at the end. All those cookies and brownies with Reese’s cups went straight to my ankles and feet.  I can’t be held responsible for my lack of willpower when it comes to sweets while growing a baby.  At the party our chatty Elly had fun mingling and playing with her cousins. She even helped clean up when a drink was spilled, such a good helper. 

cousin Mason


party outfit


clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere


Party #3 

We hosted a cookie and beer exchange for family and some couples from the Mom group I’m in. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures because we were very busy! There were 9 children here age 3 and under. The kids played with Elly’s toys and ate a cookie or 2 or 3 or 10.  A couple kids even decorated some gingerbread cookies. Elly helped decorate one for her Daddy which we let her lick some frosting off of since it was dairy free. Uncle Stephen was nice enough to contribute vegan cookies for Elly to eat. It was a crazy night but lots of fun and I tried my best to ignore the mess until the party was over. A big thank you to Chris for letting Otie stay the night because he would have been a disaster waiting to happen at that party. Jamie and I have lots of leftover cookies to share and enjoy this week! 


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