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The Mottrams Visit Santa December 16, 2009

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Our whole family, Otis included, headed to the mall to visit Santa. It was pet night, so we weren’t the only crazy people in the mall who wanted a photo of their dog with Santa. We got Elly all dressed up to meet Santa too. We thought having Otis up there with her would possibly give her the boost of confidence she needed not to have a total meltdown at being placed on Ho-Ho’s (as she calls him) lap.

Otis dragged Jamie through Belk, making strangulation noises the whole way. I’m sure people barely noticed us. Jamie was pretty much at the end of his rope after the walk through the department store. We had to wait in a brief line this year. Lucky for us we were behind two of the most adorable dogs, a hairless Chinese crested dog and an Italian greyhound.

Elly has been thoroughly enjoying Santa in the books we’ve been reading, on people’s lawn decor, in the framed photo we have of her and Santa from last year and when she’s seen him from afar at the mall so I had a glimmer of hope that she’d actually get some enjoyment out of meeting him up close and personal. Even though I held out hope, I also know that Elly isn’t a huge fan of being held by people she isn’t acquainted with until she’s had a little time to warm up to them.

Our turn to sit on Santa’s lap arrived. Otis skiddishly tried to run away each time we put him anywhere near Santa. You would think he was a rescue dog who had been severely abused by his previous owners. As much as we wish we could say we were good people who got a rescue dog, we actually paid a pretty penny for that purebred that we love so dearly. As we started placing Elly on Santa’s lap, she immediately broke out in hysterics. Jamie and I looked at each other not knowing what our next move should be, I could feel my face turning red with heat, then Santa’s helpers suggested we both get in the picture to hold our Santa fearing children. So we did.


3 Responses to “The Mottrams Visit Santa”

  1. Andy Says:

    Great picture – except Santa looks like he had one too many chili dogs from the VI for lunch. Love Otis’s smile!

  2. jmottram Says:

    Love that you can see the mall in the background. Just like the North Pole!

  3. Jenny Says:

    Great picture! I’m so jealous your mall does pet night!

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