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Christmas Card Photo Shoot Take 2 December 8, 2009

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Since the photo shoot at the beach didn’t quite work out the way we wanted it to I decided to try to get some good shots around the house. First I tried decorating her crib and getting a picture with her in it. The card would read something like, ‘Happy holidays from our crib to yours!’ Cute, right? I found this idea online. This is how it played out.

Then I put her in her Christmas dress and decided to take some random pictures. These were better, but not Christmas card worhty and plus I hated leaving our son Otis out.

Look how sad he was when he wasn’t part of the photo shoot with Elly.

We finally had to take a snack break. So as Elly was strapped in her chair happily eating Cheerios I wished I could somehow get a cute card out of this moment. This was Elly in her element, doing one of the things that she does best of all.

I will stop the story here so that you will have something to look forward to as you eagerly check your mailbox each day during the month of December tearing open holiday cards in the hopes that it will be your luckiest day of all and you will see Elly’s sweet face smiling back at you. I hope you are still able to concentrate on work and life in general as you await our Christmas card arrival.


4 Responses to “Christmas Card Photo Shoot Take 2”

  1. jessica Says:

    Love those slippers! Can’t wait to see your card. We have been VERY unsuccessful in our attempts at a card so no checking your mailbox :(.

  2. Kelly Says:

    so cute! can’t wait to see the cardworthy shot!

  3. Courtney Says:

    Adorable! We finally just gave up and then I realized after ordering that Champ wasn’t in it — how horrible!! 😦 Can’t wait to see what makes the cut.

    Happy holidays!!

  4. Andy Says:

    It is time for a new posting. I am tired of checking this site and seeing Elly crying. I want to see some of happy Elly pics.

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