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Twi-Mom Goes to See ‘New Moon’ November 23, 2009

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If you are a loyal reader you know that I have recently gotten into the Twilight Saga despite being a non teen. Can I coin the term “Twi-mom”?* I am currently reading the 3rd book, Eclipse, and just as everyone before me, I have been reading the books back to back. For me, the Twilight Saga is like chocolate cake with butter cream  frosting, a shopping spree at Anthropologie and a new Grays Anatomy episode all stuffed into a book form. Total guilty pleasure.

*After I came up with this term on my own, my editor made me Google it to see if it already existed. It does.

I had to indulge and go see ‘New Moon’ on opening day. No, I did not go to the midnight showing. I am not that hardcore. I only went on opening day to a super packed theater, wearing a Cullen t-shirt. No big deal. 

My shirt is the most appropriate Twilight Saga shirt a gal of my age should be wearing if one my age must actually be wearing a Twilight themed shirt that is. I bought it on somewhat of a whim. I was shopping for some Christmas outfits for Elly (the ‘s’ on outfits is no mistake, the girl has mad holiday events going on) and as I was casually strolling by Hot Topic, a store I have frequented all of zero times, I was drawn in by the massive amounts of ‘New Moon’/’Twilight’ garb. I quickly browsed, grabbed a shirt, and went to check out all the while avoiding eye contact with others in the store. I pretended not to hear the appalled whispers. “Did you like see that lady, she like has a baby and stuff and is buying a Twilight shirt. Does she think she’s cool or young or something? Next thing you know, she’ll be trying to pull off skinny jeans. Ew.” Here’s my shirt if you want to check it out.

We had to wait in a line to get into the theater even though we already had our tickets. When they opened the doors for the line to start moving into the ticket checking area there were screams. Kid you not. My heart raced. Could he be here (he being Jacob or Edward depending on whose team you’re on)? What else would warrant such squeals? Oh, of course, a door opening always makes me scream my head off.

We were herded into the theater and quickly found the best seats still available. Centered, but pretty close up. I had to look away at times due to being nauseated, but it was so worth it! The previews were glorious. Probably saw about 4 upcoming movies I would love to see. There is no doubt in my mind that Jamie will want to see exactly none of them. Although, I might be able to convince him to see the one coming out with R-Pat; it did look indie-ish.

Speaking of Jamie, he says that ‘New Moon’ has an awesome soundtrack. I bet he was a little disappointed that he wasn’t the one taking me to see the movie. I know he rolls his eyes at my new found all things Twilight obsession, but I think he’s secretly intrigued. 

Now about the screams, they were plentiful. Movie starts; scream. Jacob enters screen; scream. Edward enters screen; scream. Jacob/Edward with a shirt off; scream. Jacob/Bella almost kissing; scream. Need I go on, or do you get the picture?  

I must say I loved the movie and one of the first things I said after it was over is, “When is ‘Eclipse’ coming out?!”


4 Responses to “Twi-Mom Goes to See ‘New Moon’”

  1. If you’re not the leader of the Twi-mom movement, I don’t know who is.

  2. Jenny Squire Says:

    Love it! I am excited to see the movie. Read the books, but haven’t gotten to the movies. I have an issue with movie theaters and their germs! I understand the need for multiple holiday outfits. We have several sitting in a box from I am trying to convince my husband that all three need to match at event. I am pretty sure it is a need.

  3. jessica Says:

    Keep the shopping spree at anthropology and dramatic grey’s episode…but switch the cake for a brownie sundae & twilight for just about any romantic comedy & I’m right there with you on the guilty pleasure! Glad you got out & enjoyed the movie.

  4. Jenny Says:

    Now I’m really ready to jump on the Twi-Mom bandwagon! I need to start the series asap. I hope one day I’ll dream up an amazing story, too. Did you see the author on Oprah? Making millions would be nice!

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