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Five Guys November 3, 2009

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Since we are from the DC area it was only fitting that Elly’s first taste of beef be a Five Guys burger. I had packed a lovely and healthy dinner for Elly to enjoy while Jamie and I gorged on burgers and fries but when we arrived at Five Guys I realized the sliced up chicken was gone. Otis!!!!!!!! That dog had a stealth moment and was able to get the chicken from the diaper bag and eat it without us knowing, right before we left. Otis must have some crazy moves because he has also been known to get food off of counters that is pushed all the way back, seemingly impossible for any dog to reach. He has gotten MANY a loaf of bread this way. Yes, I said loaf. Well, actually the other day it was a package of sandwich rolls. All those carbs are not helping him lose the few pounds the vet suggested he lose. 

resize five guys

Anyhoo, Elly benefited from Otie’s bad boy behavior and ate half of a ground beef pattie. She would have easily taken down the whole thing, but I wanted to make sure her belly would be ok with the new food. I’m sure she’s looking forward to her next burger!


3 Responses to “Five Guys”

  1. Andy Says:

    Elly you need to give Otis a big hug for stealing your chicken.

    Can the girl get some cajun fries next time?

  2. Jenny Says:

    Lucky Elly! I’m jealous of 5 Guys! So Yummers!

  3. jessica Says:

    So cute! Elly, Sam, Otis & Lucia love their food. Baby boy does too as I’ve actually craved hamburgers & don’t eat beef! Elly is such an adorable big girl now!

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