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Trip to Asheville: Day One October 26, 2009

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We decided to take a trip to the mountains, Asheville, NC, to have some good clean fall fun. Jamie found us the PERFECT cabin. I think it was the only cabin available in all of Asheville, still not quite sure how he found it because when we were looking everything seemed to be booked. I guess it was Kismet.

 resize cabin

The cabin was about 10 minutes outside downtown Asheville in the woods overlooking a creek. It had a gas fireplace and outdoor hot tub. Our only complaint was that the bathroom door was see through, minor detail. At least there was a door, at 1st we couldn’t find it. We were like, um, I love you and all but this bathroom is right next to the kitchen, where we consume food. There are certain things that just don’t mix. There was a bedroom on the main level and a loft with another bed. We all stayed in the downstairs bedroom. The best things about our bedroom were the denim curtains. You are asking yourself why someone with my taste level fell in love with denim curtains, well the reason is that they trick 14 month olds into thinking it’s still night-time when really it’s morning therefore making them sleep in. Glorious! As you are reading this I am busy cutting up my designer jeans and turning them into curtains for the nursery. I will soon be starting a company which only sells denim curtains, I will let you know when my website  launches.

resize fire

resize tub

bathroom door

bathroom door

When we arrived at the cabin Elly played in the leaves while Jamie unpacked the car, bless his heart. Unpacking and packing the car is the bane of Jamie’s existence. I try to hide myself and Elly away because fun happy Daddy is no more and Daddy who takes many deep sighs abounds. If you saw the amount of stuff we bring when traveling you would begin to understand his pain. I really appreciate your packing and unpacking skills Jamie. I hope that the fun times we have on our trips make the icky chore worth it.

resize leaves

Does this shirt make my cheeks look big?

Does this shirt make my cheeks look big?

We got a little adventurous and tried a vegetarian restaurant for dinner in downtown Asheville. We were both impressed by our meals, but Elly wasn’t too impressed with the place which made it a smidge hard to relax. Elly decided she was also not impressed with her pack and play when it came time for bed. So weird that she put up such a stink. It couldn’t possibly have been because we had let her sleep with us in our cozy bed, don’t judge, the previous 2 nights because she was our little sickie. Once we finally won in the battle of wills we settled in to watch the first half of  ‘Milk’. We later enjoyed some bubbly in the outdoor bubbly. Great first day!

resize dinner


6 Responses to “Trip to Asheville: Day One”

  1. kate Says:

    i can’t believe how big elly’s getting! so cute.

  2. jessica Says:

    What a quaint cabin. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. Glad Elly is feeling better & I won’t judge if you won’t judge since we cosleep at some point every night! I’ll be your first customer for the designer jean curtains.

  3. Loved it there. Let’s go back next fall.

  4. Kelly Says:

    cute cabin! glad you were able to make the trip.

  5. Abby Says:

    Looks amazing! Right up our ally! Price and I pretend to be a few things..we have a hippy/grundge side, then the urban/shopoholic side. Looks like a place we would love, especially since we recently decided we were going to move to Jackson Hole. I wil lend you some of my denim for the curtains if I can get a cut!

  6. Jenny Squire Says:

    Any bugs? We reserved a cabin in the woods in Cumberland Gap a few years ago. We arrived in the middle of the night and it freaked me out. It was SO DARK. I was sure someone was hiding in the woods, waiting to kill me. I took one look inside and saw some bugs. We checked out. Poor Ivan, his dream vacation was over. It looks beautiful though, and a hot tub? Not bad!

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