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Fall Means JMU Football September 30, 2009

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We went back to the ‘Burg with some good friends to see a football game.

resize gang 1


 Like OHS, much has changed since our days at JMU.

  • Fans are SUPER into the game because the team is good.
  • Everyone looks to be about 16.
  • Dave’s Taverna now delivers beer.
  • There is a whole other JMU campus on the other side of the bridge.
  • The book store is huge and has every purple and gold JMU item you can imagine.

Other things are just the same though.

  • The food at Dave’s is still delish.
  • College kids still enjoy some binge drinking.
  • The quad is still gorgeous and fun to chill on. 
  • The landscaping on campus is still A+ worthy.
  • Hillside is still where the coolest people live freshman year.

Elly seemed to have fun at the game but was terrified of the Duke Dog mascot. I think we are in for it when it comes time for pictures with Santa this year. Even though she didn’t like the mascot, she did like the actual bulldog that they had on the sidelines.

resize duke

resize duke dog 

Instead of popcorn while watching the game, she happily munched on some peas. She’s a health food nut.

resize peas

She was getting sleepy towards the end of the game so she got in some cuddles with Uncle Luke and Auntie Kelly.

Fans throw streamers for JMU touchdowns

Fans throw streamers for JMU touchdowns


resize uncle luke

The next morning Jamie, Elly, and I went to a very crowded Mr. J’s Bagels for breakfast. I was feeding Elly some food while Jamie was in line. As I sat with Elly looking around and listening to all of the college kids, I had a strong urge to tell each of them to savor and appreciate college life because there won’t be another time like it again. So that’s what I did. I stood on a chair and made a speech and everyone applauded and vowed to live in the moment and appreciate all that they had forever and ever amen.

I’m not saying that I haven’t enjoyed life since college. I’ve had wonderful experiences since then and I love the place I’m at now, I’m just saying that college life is so very different than any other phase. Even though you have responsibilities it really is a pretty carefree existence. Like many things in life, it’s hard to fully appreciate and understand what you have until it’s gone. I try to live in the moment as much as I can especially since having Elly because I see how quickly she changes. Hopefully one day I will look back on this time and know that I appreciated it to the fullest.


2 Responses to “Fall Means JMU Football”

  1. Aimee Says:

    Elly — You are getting so big. So glad you enjoyed your first JMU football game.

  2. kate Says:

    so deep. and so true.

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