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Heaven on Earth for Dogs September 16, 2009

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resize otiWe took Otis to his favorite dog park in VA recently. He loved it! Hopefully the trip helped to burn off some calories since the vet recently told me he could stand to lose 5-7 lbs. Our secret is out, we haven’t been getting him enough exercise. He about passed out when my in laws took him for a walk the other day. Not a run, a WALK. Oh Otie. It probably doesn’t help that he eats all the food Elly leaves behind in her chair after her meals. We love you Otis and vow to get you out more.

resize dp


4 Responses to “Heaven on Earth for Dogs”

  1. Andy Says:

    Otis must be a Raiders fan – all dressed in black like with that menacing look.

  2. Courtney Says:

    Oh my gosh – that is the BEST picture ever!! Love it. And Otie – don’t fret, Champ too has been told by the vet that he was getting a little ‘thick’. It happens.

  3. jessica Says:

    The second picture is a classic! We are worse dog owners, Lucia hasn’t been to the vet since I can remember (shhh- don’t let animal control know it is on the ‘to do’ list).

  4. Mason Huffman Says:

    Mason wishes he could help you get fit Otis!

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