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Carrot Cake Chronicles September 14, 2009

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Jamie requested carrot cake for his birthday. So I decided to make my very first one.

I planned to get ingredients at the store and bake it during Elly’s nap the day before Jamie’s birthday, but Elly had other plans for me.  Instead of napping she stood up in her crib crying until I came in to see her. Several times I pointed out her passie, then left the room. No luck. So, I picked her up (don’t judge, Babywise followers), rocked her until she was calm then put her back down. Worked for about 12 minutes. Next move, lay on the floor of her nursery. Her reaction; throw her 2 passies, Baby, and Luna down to me. Maybe she was trying to help ME nap.  My final move; give her the passie and walk out. Her reaction, uncontrollable crying with snot EVERYWHERE.


Jamie heard the commotion and like a knight in shining armor came upstairs to rescue me. He rocked her until she was calm then put her back down. It worked. I asked Jamie what his secret was, he said it was simple, he just bored her to tears. Have I mentioned how great it is to have your husband working from home? I’m glad we didn’t leave him locked in the office on this particular day.


I was able to get the layers baked that night. I only had to start over once due to burnt cakes. Nothing at all annoying about peeling and shredding even more carrots.

resize bday

The next day was Jamie’s birthday! We went to brunch at one of our favorite places. Came home to foil shredded on the kitchen floor, Otis!  We no longer get greeted by an enthusiastic dog running to the door. See, he can’t remember from day to day whether or not he was bad while we were out, so he acts guilty each time we come home. It’s a good thing dogs don’t really play poker, Otis would be horrible at it!  As soon as we walk in he bows his head, tail between his legs, whites of his eyes showing as he pathetically looks up at us. You’d think we beat the dog by his reaction to us coming home. He’s so pathetic I usually don’t have the heart to even scold him. Instead he ends up getting a belly rub for ruining one of the cakes. Yes, he ruined one of the layers. Lucky for him, there were to be 3 layers, or else he might have just gotten his ears scratched.  I was able to make due with a 2 layer cake.


Despite the hurdles, the cake turned out to be pretty tasty. It was all worth it to see the birthday boy enjoy his treat!

resize cake

(Hopefully Jamie doesn’t mind that the whole entire blogosphere, aka my 15 Google Reader subscribers, now know his age.)


2 Responses to “Carrot Cake Chronicles”

  1. jessica Says:

    Happy belated bday, Jamie! I totally understand the cake fiasco. Try #1 for Sam’s bday cake didn’t come out as perfect as I wanted, but luckily Lucia ate that instead of the real deal. Glad you are keeping up with the cakes, now that Elly’s 1. I’ll take one!

  2. Jenny Squire Says:

    It sounds wonderful having a husband work from home! That would be my absolute dream. But top that off with living near the beach? Man you must be floating most days! Where did you learn to make the cupcake stand that you made for the birthday party? I have 9 days…I better get crackin. I just finished Katie’s party so that was occupying all my time. I showed my husband the pics from your party and he was very impressed!

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