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Day at the Beach September 2, 2009

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Ho hum, another beautiful day at the beach. Jokes! We know how lucky we are to be able to spend so much time there. Extra lucky because Elly is very entertained by sand, surf, and seagulls.

Although today Jamie almost didn’t want to go due to the effort that goes into packing up and getting to the beach when there’s a wee one involved. His least favorite job; putting sunscreen on Elly.

When we arrive, I strap Elly into the Baby Bjorn (only 2 more pounds of use to go) and Jamie and I procede to the beach with all our stuff. On the walk down I notice something wet on Elly’s leg which is also getting on me. Realize it’s pee. WTF swim diapers!? Really though what should I expect? After all, these are diapers that don’t expand when wet, so maybe it’s because no liquid is absorbed, including the pee variety of liquid. Ah-ha moment, Oprah would be proud.

Elly has a typical day playing in the sand, meeting other babies, and continuously attempting to crawl straight out to sea. She even finds a new treasure which she holds on to the whole day, someone’s chapstick (ew!). I think it’s actually still in our car someplace. At one point she looks sleepy and she keeps trying to eat stranger chapstick so we give her passie. She doesn’t nap, but she becomes way chill (like college Jamie when wearing hemp flip flops and a shell necklace while tucking his long hair behind his ears).

resize chill

When it’s time to leave, Elly is covered in sand so we strip her down and Jamie rinses her in the ocean . Elly’s naked butt gets some chuckles out of folks. I agree, it’s giggle worthy. One lady tells Jamie her son asked her  if it was a nude beach after seeing Elly.


resize butt 

Ok, all rinsed, ready to get dressed. But wait, first I must pee on Daddy, thought Elly. And she did. I guess she didn’t think it fair to only pee on Mommy. Or maybe she thought her Daddy had just been stung by a jellyfish, she’s sweet like that. Jamie stoically waits for her to finish, pee blowing in the breeze, then marches right back to the sea to rinse off in water that everyone pees in (you know you do it too).

 Ah, love our relaxing days at the beach.


3 Responses to “Day at the Beach”

  1. Jenny Says:


  2. Kelly Says:

    love the picture of her just chillin on mom’s knee. can’t wait to see you guys soon!

  3. Made me laugh out loud, probably because this sounds exactly like a beach outing for us. I had the same experience with swim diapers – they are merely a barrier, not an absorber. If you kept up on our blog, you would have already known that! Ha!

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