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Pacifiers Vs. Parents August 23, 2009

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I knew my daughter loved her pacifiers but I didn’t know she loved them more than me until recently.

I happily went in to get my sweet baby girl out of her crib after nap, looking forward to the way she stands up and puts her arms up and around me as I lift her out. This time, she did not put her arms up or even crawl towards me. When I asked again if she wanted to come with Mommy she crawled away, well, as much as you can in a crib. I figured out this must be because typically once I have her in my arms I take passie out of her mouth and put it back in the crib and we say bye bye to it, Baby, and Luna. The same thing happened again the next day, so I called Jamie in to try, but she had the same reaction. She’s actually still in the crib now, it’s been 2 days.  Kidding of course!

I think we are in for it whenever we decide it’s time for the Passie Fairy to come. Everyone always says something like ‘have you ever seen a kid in college that still uses pacifiers, of course not!’.  Will Harvard still accept her if she insists on using her pacifier? If not, I guess there’s always Yale to fall back on.

Elly’s thoughts: Maybe if I avoid eye contact she’ll leave me in peace with my beloved passies.

resize passie crib


2 Responses to “Pacifiers Vs. Parents”

  1. Grandma Mottram Says:

    This is just too funny!! It gave me a good laugh – thanks! Not to mention how smart she is to figure this out (impartial opinion, of course).

  2. ang Says:

    ahhh. I love her. and you. When are you adopting me?!

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