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Teeth Are the New Gums August 21, 2009

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Elly has finally sprouted teeth (2 bottom ones, partly up) so I can push those visions of my daughter as a beautiful bride, saying her I do’s, minus pearly whites, out of my head (hopefully the ones of her crawling down the aisle will be gone soon too). I’ve been told that the later babies get teeth the less likely their chance of getting cavities. I hope it’s true, but have a feeling was just being told that so I wouldn’t feel bad about my toothless baby, gosh Southern people are nice!  

We’ve thought the girl was teething at various times starting at the age of 4 months. Oh, Elly was up crying at 2am inconsolably, must be teething. Oh, she’s only content while being bounced around, must be teething. Oh, Elly will stop crying if you carry her around all day singing ‘If You’re Happy’ in the key of C repeatedly, while giving her an IV drip of crushed puffs mixed with applesauce, must be teething for sure. Now I REALLY can blame any sort of fussiness, sleep issues and general un-cooperativeness on this teething thing. Time to pull out all the teethers, maybe now she will actually get some use out of them, especially the $20 giraffe we have named Sophie (no not actually a real giraffe despite the price).

I know you can’t see the teeth in this picture, but they’re there, I promise!

resize teeth


One Response to “Teeth Are the New Gums”

  1. kate Says:

    We just received Sophie the Giraffe as a gift… good thing for a number of reasons, I guess!

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