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First Birthday Part 5: Dinner and Cake August 18, 2009

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This is the final installment in our first birthday series. I know my readers are crushed, but I always like to leave them wanting more.

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 We took Elly to Red Robin, her favorite place to go eat (even though she hasn’t actually ever had anything off the menu). As you know from studying previous posts it was the first restaurant we ever took her to and we love it because it’s loud and kids can have meltdowns without anybody batting an eye.

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They sang happy birthday in a special Red Robin way which involved no singing but had lots of clapping and shouting.  They also gave a sundae to the birthday girl that Jamie and I ate since Elly has a dairy issue. I tried to ignore the daggers shooting from Elly’s eyes.

We gave the whole singing happy birthday and eating cake thing another try once we got home. It went better than at her party, but still didn’t seem to be the most enjoyable experience for Ells.

resize cake

We had fun helping Elly celebrate her 1st birthday and are still coming to grips with the fact that we now have a 1 year old. This has been an incredible year that no one could have possibly prepared us for. I am really happy that I became a Mom and feel so blessed that Elly is my daughter.

When we’re out and about people are always stopping us to say hi to Elly and they often comment about how quickly children grow up. In my head I’m all, yeah, yeah, but she’s just a baby, I just had her. But after seeing how fast the 1st year went, I can begin to understand what they’re talking about.  I am going to try to continue to savor each moment. Even the ones where she’s up at 3am crying for a cuddle, because one day Mommy’s cuddles (and everything else about Mommy) will be SO embarassingly mortifying, so I better get them all in now!


One Response to “First Birthday Part 5: Dinner and Cake”

  1. Jenny Squire Says:

    Red Robin is the greatest for kids! We went every Friday in Michigan. Each of our kids have celebrated each birthday there. We have slowed down since moving to KY. Red Robin is 40 minutes away! But that didn’t stop us from going on my birthday. Julianna screams (out of happiness) soooo loud that twice we were able to silence the whole restaurant. I love that it took you five posts to complete her first birthday. You are a great mom.

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