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1st Birthday Part 2: The Party August 12, 2009

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We had lots of family and a couple family friends over to help us celebrate Elly’s 1st birthday. We especially appreciate our out of town family members driving down for the special event.

Our guests enjoyed a menu of nuggets, fruit kabobs, veggies, and sweet treats. The signature cocktails of the day were  Arnold Palmers and Stoli with pink lemonade, both refreshing on a hot day. While everyone visited and ate, Elly’s Uncles set up ladderball in the backyard. There was a killer match between Elly’s Grandpas and 2 of her Uncles (The Olds vs. The Youngs). The Youngs took it by a hair.

Papa Keating & Uncle Ryan

Papa Keating & Uncle Ryan

After eating, it was time for presents! Elly was spoiled with new toys, clothes and other baby items. It’s been great having even more around the house to help entertain Elly. But nothing can deter her from her old favorite activities; playing with tea bags and crawling to Daddy’s office. *Tangent Alert* It doesn’t help that the door to the office is glass so she can see in. Also, the door won’t stay closed unless it’s locked, and it only locks from the outside. So, yesterday Jamie said I could lock it to keep her out, I told him just to yell when he needed out. Elly and I were playing upstairs and I hear this loud knocking and Otis barking, so I assumed someone was at the front door. The knocking continued and the lightbulb finally went on and we rescued Daddy. He looked pleased.

resize presents

resize present

resize card

The slide show that almost wasn’t, luckily was. Jamie was sweating bullets when he couldn’t get the slide show that I had poured over working. We’re still not sure how, but it did end up working and I’m so glad it did. It was fun to reminisce over Elly’s 1st year with our loved ones. Our music line up for the show was almost as sweet as Elly: Tupelo Honey (Van Morrison), She’s A Rainbow (The Stones), Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Iz), All You Need is Love (Beatles). Don’t worry, not the full songs, the show was about 10 minutes long total. I didn’t want to have any guests sticking forks in their eyes to stay awake, too messy.

resize j e

Elly is an aspiring professional eater. Eats anything you put in front of her and fusses as soon as it’s gone. You really haven’t lived until you’ve watched this girl have a meal. So, naturally we assumed she would dive into her cake and basically go nuts since I am anal and have only allowed the child fruits, veggies, meats, breads and cereals. Well, I think she cried through a lot of Happy Birthday and didn’t eat any cake until I cut it up and started feeding her. She finally started feeding herself but it was all very ladylike. I think she prefers a nice plate of peas to cake! Now I really must question whether I am her Mother. I was willing to overlook the whole blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin thing, but not liking cake?!

resize candle

resize eat

The kids invited to the party departed with this box full of garden themed favors.

resize favors

The party was a great success and one that Elly is sure to appreciate and remember for years to come…if we lived on another planet…where babies were aware of such things.  

 resize gift


3 Responses to “1st Birthday Part 2: The Party”

  1. Grandma Mottram Says:

    What a beautiful party! You did a great job and Elly was in her glory. She is very lucky to have such a loving and talented Mommy!! Hope she had fun at the aquarium yesterday and dinner last night!!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing! I liked the tangent too. Funny.

  3. Jenny Says:

    Great post! I love all the pictures and hearing about the party! It sounded like such a great day!

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