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1st Birthday Part 1: Party Prep August 12, 2009

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I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but the coming posts that focus on Elly’s birthday are sure to be mind numbingly long, which should make up for lost time. Enjoy!

I certainly gave Michaels, AC Moore and Joanne’s some good business as I got ready for the big bash.  My inspiration for the party came from the Hostess with the Mostess blog that had featured a garden party 1st birthday theme.

I started with the invitations. Unfortunately, many a tree was hurt in the process of getting the invites just right.  I also wanted to pick a fight with my paper cutter on several different occasions but decided against in on account of the sharp blade and all. Our friends and family got a kick out of the custom stamps we used from


resize stamp

Once I had decided on a theme (garden party) and colors (robin’s egg blue-or as Jamie calls it, blue, apple green, and various pinks)  the projects began. I’m really not sure how people did much before the internet was around. I mean, how would I have known how to make tissue paper flowers, or a cupcake stand, or a birthday hat? I couldn’t have possibly used my own brain to think up things like that.

one of our flower arrangements

one of our flower arrangements

 resize tissue

resize banner

resize fun

I wanted to add a sentimental touch so I decorated a box to house note cards where Elly’s loved ones were to fill out their hopes and dreams for her. We plan to read them with her when she’s older. Maybe on her 16th birthday, we’ll see, I guess I have some time to decide. I also made a slide show with pictures from the past year.



resize hopes

resize pics

In true Southern style we ordered a nugget platter from Chick-Fil-A, 200 deep. I made some side dishes, with the help of my Mom. She saved the day by running out at the last minute to get the milk that was needed to make some mac and cheese, thanks Mom!

resize table

flower and butterfly cookie favors

flower and butterfly cookie favors

Since Elly has a love-hate relationship with dairy I was on the lookout for a dairy free cake mix or recipe. I actually found an easy box mix at the grocery store made by Cherrybrook and it tastes pretty good. I used Pilsbury frosting which doesn’t have any dairy in it. Everybody else got cupcakes which my Mom baked and I filled with vanilla pudding and decorated. I love that you can buy pretty premade sugar flowers for decorating.

resize chairresize stand

Stay tuned for pictures from the party as well as Elly’s 1st birthday!


9 Responses to “1st Birthday Part 1: Party Prep”

  1. Andy Says:

    Everything turned out great. With all the extra effort that went into decorating for this one i can only image the Elly birthday events to come.

    Happy 1st Birthday Elly!

  2. ang Says:

    friendly reminder: my birthday is december 13th. i’d like a cowgirl theme. thanks.

    it looks amazing!!! new career?!

  3. Meg Says:

    Wow! You really went all out, it looks fantastic. Nice work!
    Happy Birthday Elly!

  4. Kelly Says:

    amazing! i love the note cards idea. so sweet. elly is a lucky lady to have such a thoughtful mommy!

  5. Jenny Says:

    WOW! Everything looks amazing!!! You really should go into party planning!!!! Happy 1st BDAY!!!!!

  6. jessica Says:

    I knew you’d do it up in style. Now where are all the pictures of the bday girl?

  7. Jenny Squire Says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!! It was all so beautiful and perfect! I loved all the little details. You did a great job. I guess I should get on the ball for my baby’s first next month. Do you make house calls? The picture of her reading her card made me laugh. Too cute!

  8. The Sinclair's Says:

    You are TOO CUTE!!! Wow, what a lucky girl! AJ will be lucky if Mom & Dad even bake him a cake near year. Poor thing.

  9. kate Says:

    oh my god, you should so start your own business! i’ll give you some time to get started and your first event can be our baby’s first bday! (even if you don’t start your own biz, can you do my kids bdays forever?!) you’re the best mom ever!

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