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11 Month Birthday July 17, 2009

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Well, this was our last monthly cake before the big shebang.  Hard to believe we started this tradition when Elly was 1 week old and actually kept up with it all year, I’m crazy like that. Hopefully I will find the time to celebrate monthly birthdays with subsequent kids, if not, I will have to find a way to delete the evidence of Elly’s cakes from the blogosphere. Jamie is known as The Blogfather so I’m sure he’d be able to whack my birthday posts.

Even though I’m sad to see this tradition come to an end, it seems like good timing. Getting a shot with Elly and her cake was damn near impossible this month! I may have instilled a cake phobia in my daughter because she scurried away or fussed anytime it came near her. And, the days of Elly in the Bumbo seat on top of the dining table are long gone (according to the warning label on the Bumbo they actually never should have begun-oops). Ah ha moment: maybe if we actually let Elly eat any of the cakes, she wouldn’t be so eager to scoot when she saw one.

Here’s what happened when we put Elly in the Bumbo seat (this was after we tried it on the table and she immediately started to cry.)  She would’ve gotten out sooner if those scrumptious thighs hadn’t gotten in her way.

resize bumbo

resize bumbo 2

resize bumbo 3

We proceded to chase her around the house trying to get that magical shot. Here’s our best one.

resize cake 2


3 Responses to “11 Month Birthday”

  1. Courtney Says:

    This is so funny and just a glimpse into your future with Toddler Elly!! Happy 11th!

  2. jessica Says:

    Those are great shots! Can’t wait to see the big 1 year cake! Yes, definitely a glimpse into toddlerhood, so fun and exhausting at the same time :).

  3. Dkeat Says:

    Stop tormenting that child and give her some cake.

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